The Ed Waller Stories: Book One - Algeria Here I Come

Chapter Nineteen: My Grandsons Weren't Lying

After breakfast, Allie decided that he was going to go listen to Dr. Roberts' talk on Helsinki. Jim and John were going to go swimming and Khalid and Amir said they had to make the arrangements for the trip to the Maritime Museum. Kate and Jocelyn had been to Helsinki, before, but they said they would do whatever the rest of us did.

We made arrangements to meet up for lunch. When we got to the theatre, it was almost full, but Dr. Roberts did a very credible presentation, despite having been injured the day before.

When he was concluding his presentation, someone asked, "Dr. Roberts, where are you and the Sling Shot Kid going today?"

Dr. Roberts looked at the person asking, "I think Allie would much prefer that you not call him that. He wants to go to the Maritime Museum to see the salvaged Viking ship 'The Vasa'."

Fortunately, Alan arrived and closed the presentation, because Dr. Roberts was beginning to look a little tired. Allie realized what was happening, and we took Dr. Roberts back to the suite so he could rest before lunch.

Allie went to find Jim and John and the three ten year olds returned. Allie complained, "Dad, some person was following me around taking pictures of me. I felt as if he was trying to undress me. I'm not going out without an adult again."

Amir and Khalid appeared through the patio door. Khalid explained, "We have a minibus scheduled to pick us up at one o'clock to take us to the Museum, as you requested, Allie. Let's go eat lunch, so we can be ready to go on time."

Allie went to check on Dr. Roberts and the two of them joined us and we stopped to see if Kate and Jocelyn wanted to join us. They did so, and we had our full complement at the lunch table. The guys were giving Josef a difficult time about being the only people in the dining room to wait on.

Josef looked at the boys, "That's okay, sirs, we'll be charging your tabs for all the work that your causing us to do. By the time my contract is up, my poor children won't recognize me because I'll be so frail from taking care of you. Hey, if it weren't for you people we'd be bored to tears."

We went to the suite so the boys could watch the docking. We had hardly even gotten docked and there was an announcement on the intercom in the suite, "Mr. Waller, the transportation for your party has arrived. Please proceed to the exit on deck three immediately."

The twelve of us made our way to the exit point, and the security person handed Allie his slingshot. "The Captain said you should take this, just in case you might need it. We'll take it when you return safely, sir."

We were almost the first persons off the ship, and the minibus was waiting adjacent to the exit point. After we were all seated, the young man who was driving turned to us, "I understand that you wish to go to see the Vasa. I have purchased tickets for you, so you wouldn't have to wait in line. There are going to be many people visiting the museum today. We are ahead of the rest of the people on your ship."

When we got to the Museum, the young man parked next to what was a special entrance because we could see a line of people standing elsewhere, waiting to get in. He took us to the door and it opened, and he handed the attendant our tickets. The young man not only proved to be our driver, but he was an excellent tour guide. He and Allie became engrossed in several long conversations. Allie was very inquisitive and looked at everything thoroughly while John and Jim were casually looking around.

As we were getting ready to leave, Allie looked at the young tour guide, "Sir, if you were going to give someone a souvenir of Sweden what would it be?"

The young man had to stop and think. "Allie, it would depend on the persons' age. If it was a young person, I would probably get them a Dalecarlian horse."

Allie looked at the young man, "Eric, where can I get a horse like that?"

Eric nodded, "They probably have them in the gift shop here in the museum, but I'm sure we can get one for much less at a little store across the street."

Allie looked at our assembled group, "Dad and General Khalid, can we please go to see what they would cost?"

Khalid and Amir conferred, We can go, but we shouldn't all go together. Eric, why don't you and Allie go first? Then the rest of us will slowly join you in the store?"

The store was indeed almost right across the street and, when Kate and I got inside, an older lady was showing the three young boys the different colors of horse that she had and pointing out the differences in their designs. She was explaining to the three boys that horses were originally made in an area away from Stockholm in the winter when it was cold and dark. It gave the men something to do while they sat and talked in the evenings. They still primarily come from the area.

Allie came to me, "Dad, can I borrow enough money so me, Jim and John can get one?"

I looked at the lady, "Will you accept a Visa card?"

The woman nodded and wrapped the horses the boys wanted. Eric excused himself, "I'm going to pull the minibus to the back entrance. Aunt Ingrid, please show these people to the back entrance when you're done making some money."

The boys each made their purchases and my credit card was lighter, but I guess it was worth it because Allie's face was beaming. As we got into the minibus, Allie crawled in next to Eric, "Eric, was that woman really your Aunt?"

Eric started to laugh, "No, I've called her that for as long as I can remember. She is a friend of my parents. She runs the store to make young people happy. The prices she charges are much less than the other places in town. She just enjoys talking to people. She probably has more money than all of us on the bus."

When we arrived at the ship, I pulled out a twenty dollar bill and tried to hand it to Eric, he shook his head, "Mr. Waller, I have been well compensated for my time, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to talk to you all. Have a good rest of the journey."

Security did indeed make Allie relinquish his slingshot, but Allie complied without objection. Once we were on the ship, the three young boys announced, "We're going to go get a snack to hold us until dinner." They disappeared faster than a speeding bullet.

We went to our respective cabins and Brahim and I were sitting in a double lounge chair on the veranda when Khalid and Amir came through the wall so to speak. Khalid started, "Isn't this cozy, the King of The Hill sitting with his arm around an invalid. What does Allie have planned for Helsinki, so we can make arrangements?"

I looked at the two guys, "You're jealous, aren't you because I was declared the winner in the contest last night, and I don't know? You need to ask Allie what his plans are for tomorrow."

Allie arrived as if on cue, "Hi Generals, what are we going to do tomorrow when we get to Helsinki? I think it should be something easy, so it won't wear Grandpa Darryl and the Whitneys out. They had to do a lot of walking today. Maybe we could just do a driving tour so we can see the city and maybe get some lunch at a local restaurant since we're going to dock about ten o'clock in the morning."

Khalid hugged Allie, "That sounds really good to me. We'll go make the arrangements and see you at dinner."

After the two Generals left, Allie wormed his way between Brahim and me. "Dad and Bra, I'm worried about Grandpa Darryl. I stopped to see if he was okay, and he was trying to call someone named Tom. He was really upset when the Tom person wasn't answering the phone. He said he would be up shortly."

Allie looked at me, "Dad, if I'm causing you to spend too much money, please tell me. Thanks for buying us the Dalecarlian horses today. Mine will be the souvenir of this trip along with the memories and all the friends that I have made."

I hugged and kissed my two guys, "Men, this is something that I never expected. I have inherited the two most beautiful men in the world. I just hope someone doesn't steal you away from me."

We were interrupted by the door chimes, Allie climbed over me and went to answer. Dr Roberts was standing there, "Allie, I don't understand. Tom should be home. Why isn't he answering the phone. What if something has happened to him?"

Brahim and I had heard what Dr. Roberts had said. I looked at Dr. Roberts, "I assume that this Tom person knows how to get in touch with you if there is a problem. Perhaps some friends invited him out for lunch, since it almost lunch time back in Illinois. Besides, did you tell him you were going to be calling this evening."

Dr. Roberts frowned, "No, I didn't tell him I was going to call today. This is only the second trip that I have ever taken without Tom. It just seems so strange to not have him around. We don't always talk a lot, but he is almost always around and like a security blanket."

The conversation was interrupted because Khalid and Amir came in the sliding glass door to the veranda. Khalid announced, "We have our own transportation to take us on a driving tour of Helsinki. We have arranged to have lunch at a local restaurant as requested, Sir Allie. Is there anything else we can do to make you happy?"

Allie started to pace with his hands behind his back, "Well, now that you asked, Grandpa Darryl is concerned because he can't get in touch with his special friend, Tom. Do you think you might be able to get in touch with the FBI or CIA to see if he is okay?"

Even Dr. Roberts started to laugh, "Allie, I don't think that the United States government agencies would be interested in one person in a small college town in Illinois."

Allie wasn't deterred, "General Khalid, please see what you can find out."

Dinner was a rather routine even with Josef and Carlos pampering the three young boys. There were several times when I had to remind the guests at the table to be more quiet.

After dinner, we went to the show which was a ventriloquist who was doing magic tricks, Allie looked at me "Dad, can we just leave? This is really boring. I had to agree with him so we left as did the rest of our dinner companions. The boys and Dr. Roberts went to our suite so the young guys could get their fill of desserts while the rest of us went to the Starlight Lounge. There were a number of single women so Khalid and Amir had their choice of dancing partners.

When we got to the suite, Jim and John were asleep on the sofa bed and the door to the extra bedroom was open so we assumed that Allie and Dr. Roberts were asleep.

I pushed Brahim into the master bedroom and started to undress him. When I had him undressed, I pushed him onto the bed and barked, "Don't move."

I was just about finished undressing when I felt a hand going down the back of my briefs. I turned around and Brahim was laughing and pulling me closer. "Daddy, I'm sorry. I just can't help myself. The scenery is so inviting that I want to see it all. Please Daddy, let me help you get undressed so I can get some dessert."

When my briefs were off. I pushed Brahim so he was lying on his back. I laid down on top of him making sure that I didn't hurt his wound. I leaned forward to touch his delicious lips with mine. Brahim initiated the tongue play that caused us to be excited in parts of our bodies which were trapped against each other making us a little uncomfortable.

I maneuvered so our appendages could more easily expand. I stopped the contact and climbed off the bed and pulled Brahim up.

"Let's go take care of our raging desires in the shower."

Both of us were lighter when we finally crawled into bed. Brahim cuddled against me. "Mr. Waller, you must marry me now."

"Oh, Mr. Safi, I so wish that were possible."

Our bodies were tangled when we were awakened by the boss. "Dad and Bra, get up. It's breakfast time and Dr. Roberts, Bra and I need to go see Dr. Sorenson this morning before we go on our tour."

We found out later that Khalid and Amir were also awakened in similar fashion. We made our way to the dining room, and as usual, we were about the only people there when we sat at our usual table. As we were finishing, Allie looked at Josef and Carlos, "We won't be here for lunch."

Josef started to laugh, "Good, because we are off today. We're going to call our families. Have a good visit and we'll see you at dinner time."

The Whitneys were going to be met by a young woman who had been an exchange student and had spent a year living with them, so they weren't going to be going with us today

I went with the guys to see Doctor Sorenson. Dr. Sorenson checked Allie first. "Young man, I won't need to see you again. Just don't try to lift any elephants."

Allie hugged Doctor Sorenson. "How about a hippopotamus?"

"Get out of here."

Dr. Roberts was next. "Darryl, I think you can do without the sling, but please don't do anything too strenuous."

Dr. Roberts left and Doctor Soreson had Brahim drop his trousers. He changed the bandage. "Okay Brahim, drop your briefs. I want to see if what my grandsons told me is true."

Brahim started to blush but he pushed his briefs down. Doctor Sorenson looked but didn't touch. He turned to me. "Ed, I find it difficult to believe that you are better endowed than Brahim. I need to see for myself."

I started to laugh, "You're kidding aren't you, Doctor?"

I am not kidding, "Brahim is better endowed than probably seventy-five percent of the male population that I have seen over the years. Ed, I don't have all day."

I dropped by walking shorts and briefs and all Doctor Sorenson said, "Okay, so my grandsons weren't lying. Brahim, I won't need to see you again. Ed can change your bandages while you playing games in bed."

Editor's Notes:

It is nice to see another chapter of this mystery adventure. I was beginning to worry that something bad had happened to our friends, and E Walk was afraid to tell us. I sure hope that everything will work out all right, and we can get our guys home safely. I hope Darryl gets in touch with Tom and that everything is Okay at home. It is too bad that Tom didn't get to go on the trip with Darryl. I wonder if perhaps Tom has some plans of his own. I guess we will just have to wait and see, won't we?

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher