Chapter Eleven


The boys woke me up in their special way. Then, they bounced up and down on the bed excited about going back up to the cabin. They could barely sit still long enough to eat their cereal. Diane came in, hugged the boys and kissed me.

"The girls are coming up to see the cabin with us," Diane announced.

"Just what I needed, four women to gang up on me." I laughed.

"They're coming to give me moral support," She teased.

Davey grabbed his camera and I grabbed mine. We headed out the door. Billy jumped on my back as soon as I got to the bottom step of the veranda. The girls came out of the other cabin smiling and giggling. As we passed the lodge, Betty and John came down the steps and announced they were coming along to see the cabin too. John had the same look on his face that I did. The look that said, 'we are in so much trouble.'

I had no doubt in my mind that the boys and I could restore the cabin to brand new condition. I also knew it would be easier to restore it than it will be explaining it, five women. The cabin was completely built with BC Pine. They spared no expense in building it. It had large logs for the main frame. Not one log was split or cracked. All the floors were made of thick pine boards. The problem was that it was extremely dirty on the inside and the outside was completely overgrown with shrubs and weeds. I knew Betty and the girls would enjoy pointing out every problem to Diane. John knew he was going to be in trouble with Betty for not telling her the whole story of how bad the cabin was. John saw the potential but knew he could not explain it to Betty when they bought the property. Now I know exactly how 'Tim the Tool man' felt.

I was so glad the boys were excited about the cabin. They could deflect some of the women's teasing comments. I knew deep down that Diane's friends and Betty liked me. That is why they were going to tease the heck out of my new project and of course, me.

The women were shocked at the size of the cabin. It was more like a mini mansion than a cabin. The boys took Diane to the stone hot spring first. All the women loved it but did not say it. As we went inside, the women were very impressed with the detailed cabinetry work in the kitchen. They did not like the thought of cooking on an old woodstove and pointed that out in their teasing way.

I took Diane by the hand and showed her the fireplace in the living room. I kissed her neck and asked if she could picture us cuddling on a loveseat in front of it. I then showed her the study and the details put into the bookshelves. There was even a very old roll-top desk left behind in the corner. We walked into the dining room and all the women loved the detailed woodworking that went into the chairs and table. They did point out that the table was not clean enough to eat off.

The boys took Diane by the hand and showed her and the others the bedrooms they had picked out. I then took Diane up to the master bedroom loft on the third level. She giggled when she saw the deep antique tub in the corner. She told me that she would enjoy soaking in it while I went up and down the stairs fetching buckets of hot water for her. I grabbed her around the waist and began to tickle her for that teasing comment. As she walked around the wrap around deck, looking across the mountains, I knew she was in love with the cabin. I wrapped my arms around her from behind and told her how much I loved her. I told her I planned to put in four large skylights in the bedroom so we could lie in bed and look up at the stars.

As we came down the stairs to join the others, the girls giggled and asked Diane if she was sure she did not want to come back to Prince Rupert with them. Betty took her by the arm and said that she can stay with her and that I could sleep in the doghouse until the cabin was finished. Everyone had a good laugh.

The boys asked if they could stay up at the cabin. Davey said he wanted to take more pictures. John 'volunteered' to stay up here with the boys. Betty gave him an elbow and said he had work to do down at the lodge. The girls wanted to spend the afternoon sunbathing with Diane by the pool. I teased and said that leaves me to watch over the boys up here. Everyone saw right through my act and laughed. I hugged and kissed Diane and thanked her for everything. I told her the boys and I will be down around noon to have lunch with her.

The boys and I mapped out the property. Billy picked out a spot for a small flower garden that he wanted to make for Diane. Davey picked out a spot close to the stone hot spring to build a small pool. Billy took me by the hand. We went into his bedroom and out on the veranda. He giggled as he showed me how easy it was to climb up and down the tree. Davey came in and asked me if there was a way to rig up a pulley system to bring up firewood directly to his room. Billy said he would meet us in the loft. He giggled and went up the tree. Davey and I went into his room. There was a roof beam above the master bedroom veranda. We could put a hook into that beam and set up a pulley system to bring firewood up to the master bedroom too.

I planned to make our new home 100% self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. Since it was at the top of the mountain, it will get lots of sun so solar panels will work great. I plan to build a small shed for a generator to supply us with the extra power needed for electricity at night.

We headed back down for lunch with Diane. John said all the women were in the kitchen banking up a storm. Betty received an order for a Church Bazaar on Friday. He handed me a list of equipment that he had at the resort and the name of a place that rents or sells tractors. The boys and I washed up for lunch.

"Well, are you three boys done playing in your cabin for the day?" Betty asked as she set some mini subs down on the table.

Diane came out with the drinks. She took me outside for a private talk.

"My doctor called from Edmonton. He wants to see me tomorrow for a check up and to schedule for the chemotherapy."

"We can go together first thing in the morning."

"Actually I wanted to ask you if you could stay here and sort of distract the boys. I still do not want them to know right now. The girls and Betty offered to go with me to Edmonton after supper. We will stay with a friend of Betty's. If we have to spend another night, I'll call and let you know." She hugged me tight and I knew she was scared.

"I will do everything I can to make this as easy as possible for you under the circumstances. I want to be there with you but, if you want to keep this from the boys a while longer, I can do that for you. You know that we will have to tell them something eventually." I held her close to me.

"I know but I want to do this check up and maybe one round of chemo before we tell the boys."

"Okay" I gave her a long passionate kiss.

"Davey's birthday is next week, right?"

"Yes, next Friday."

"I'll try and pick him up a few presents while in Edmonton. Do you have anything in mind?"

"I was thinking of getting him a TV/DVD combo and a game console to play on it too."

"Do you think he's too old for a few stuffed animals?"

"No, he loves the ones that were given to him in Banff."

I gave her my credit card. I told her to have the store call me and I will authorize it if there is any problem.

I asked Diane if her divorce lawyer was in Edmonton. She said yes. I asked her she would have time to stop in to see him. She looked worried. I chuckled and told her I did not want a divorce. I asked her if I could adopt Billy as my son and give him my last name. She started to cry and told me how wonderful she thought I was. I told her to ask her lawyer if the adoption could be finalized before Davey's birthday. It should only be a matter of signing papers since Billy's father was dead. That way we can surprise Billy on Davey's birthday. We can tell him they were real brothers and not just stepbrothers. That would be a present that we could give both boys together.

We then hugged and kissed.

"Ewww, are you two coming in for lunch." Billy giggled

I scooped Billy up. I told Diane to lift his shirt so I could blow on his belly. Billy squealed and kicked his feet. After I blew, Diane took her turn blowing on his belly. Then we went back in for lunch.

Diane told the boys that the girls were going to Edmonton after supper and stay overnight at a friend of Betty's. Billy asked to come. The girls took turns telling him of all the 'girly' things they were going to do. He turned up his nose and said he would rather play up in the dirty cabin. We all laughed.

I asked John if he needed help delivering campfire wood around the campground this afternoon. I gave him a wink and nodded towards the boys. He said yes and asked the boys if they would help. The boys were more than eager to drive the lawn tractor and trailer again. They asked me if I was going to help. I told them that I would be spending some quiet time with their mother. Billy said that means you are going to kiss more.

John took the boys out back to the woodpile. The girls helped Betty clear the dishes and take them into the kitchen.

"What are you up to Doug?" Betty giggled.

"What? I can't spend quality time with my wife….alone in our cabin." I began kissing her on the neck.

We walked up the lane holding hands. Diane closed all the curtains while I started the shower. We slowly undressed each other and stepped into the steamy shower. As I started to wash her, she confessed that the tickle wash is a huge turn off for her. She loves being lightly tickled while making love. That turned me on.

After the shower, we went upstairs to the bed. I took her feet. I sucked and nibbled on her toes. She really laughed when I ran my tongue between her toes. I continued to lightly tickle her all over while we made love. I licked her belly button. I nibbled her ears and neck. After we made love, I took out some massage oil and gave her a full body massage. She giggles as I massaged her toes. She fell asleep as I was finishing massaging her neck.

I quietly got up, had a quick rinse in the shower and put on my swimsuit. I put the boys' swimsuits and towels in a pack. I grabbed the speedboat. The girls were sitting on their veranda as I stepped out of the cabin. They asked about Diane. I told them she was napping and to go wake her up in about 10 minutes. I strutted down the lane as a proud peacock. I heard the girls laughing as I wiggled my butt.

The boys came riding up beside me on the lawn tractor. I handed them the pack and told them to change in the lodge washroom because mommy was taking a nap in the cabin.

Diane and her girlfriends came into the pool area about an hour later. Diane was glowing and her friends were green with envy. I assume Diane told them about our passionate 'quiet time' when they woke her up. They went to the lawn chairs to sunbathe. I noticed all the women had fallen asleep after about 20minutes. I whispered to the boys to quietly get out of the pool and not wake them up. We went back to the cabin and changed.

The boys wondered why I had four plastic glasses on the table with ice cubes and water in them. I asked them if they wanted to wake the women up. They giggled, laughed and readily agreed. They remembered how Diane reacted when they did that at the hot springs. I told them they could not giggle or they would wake up the girls. I told them we would dump the water on them from the outside of the pool fence. I would boost Billy. The boys would each take two glasses and dump all four at the same time.

The four women shrieked and jumped up as soon as the ice and water hit their bare bellies. The boys and I roared with laughter on the grass. They picked up the ice cubes and threw them in our direction. We ran to play in the filed and the women went back to sunbathing.

The boys and I spent the rest of afternoon wrestling around in the grass. Eventually, the shirts came off like the pro wrestlers on TV. Each time I pinned one of the boys, they received a good tickling. They asked me to lie on my back to make it 'more fair' for them. Eventually, I would wiggle up and they would end up laughing on my lap. At one point, I would take a single blade of grass and twirled it inside Billy's belly button. I did the same thing to Davey when I had him pinned on my lap. After a couple of hours, the boys and I just laid on our backs watching the clouds roll across the sky.

Finally, we got up and headed back to the cabin for dinner. I waved to the girls as we walked by the pool. They all shook their fingers at me and the boys giggled. Davey went to the laptop to put the new pictures of the cabin that he took today. Billy and I cuddled on the couch and watched cartoons.

"I love you, Daddy" Billy turned and hugged me.

"I love you, Son" I wrapped my arms completely around him.

Davey came over and sat on the couch with us. I put my arm around him and pulled him close to us.

We heard the girls walk by the cabin. I told the boys to go up and change for supper. I squeezed Davey's ticklish sides and asked him if he knew what I meant. He giggled and said 'maybe.' I pulled up one of his arms. As soon as I touched his bare armpit, he laughed and said he knew what I meant. As I changed downstairs, I enjoyed listening to my sons laughing and giggling upstairs.

When Diane walked into the cabin, I walked up to her, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her passionately. I told her how much I love her. I sat on the chair and pulled her onto my lap. As we continued to hug and kiss, we heard Billy's famous 'Ewww' and we knew the boys were looking down at us. Diane giggled on my shoulder.

"Billy…are you dressed for dinner?" I asked

"Almost, Daddy" He giggled.

I rubbed Diane's back as we waited for the boys to come down. Her friends came into the cabin. Each of them gently slapped the back of my head as they walked behind the chair toward the couch. I heard the boys laughing so I knew they were watching me being slapped. The boys came bouncing down the stairs and cautiously walked behind the couch giggling.

Davey jumped on my back for a piggyback ride to the lodge. I held both his hands tight in front of me and each woman took their turn briefly tickling both of Davey's armpits. Davey kept telling me to run ahead of them in between laughing. He was worn out by the time we arrived at the lodge.

Davey was really asking to be tickled again during dinner. He kept asking the women if they had enough 'ice' in their ice tea and then giggling. Billy laughed aloud each time Davey asked and he received a tickle poke from the women on each side of him.

After dinner, Billy did not think what would happen to him when he jumped on my back for a piggyback ride back to the cabin. The women tickle teased him as they did to Davey on the way down. We sat on the veranda while they went next door to get their over-night bags. The boys and I hugged and kissed Diane and watched them walk down the lane.

The boys took off their shirts and socks as soon as they went into the cabin. I sat in the middle of the couch. The boys each grabbed a pillow and lay on either side of me. I rubbed their backs as Davey used the remote to find something on TV. Billy sat up and asked if he could make some microwave popcorn. I told him that would be great. Davey helped him open the hot bag after it popped. They put it in a big bowl, sat it on my legs and lay back on their pillows. The boys started yawning after a couple of hours and then fell asleep next to me on the couch. I carried each of them up to bed.

I came back downstairs, poured myself a drink and sat out on the veranda. I looked up at the stars and thanked God for giving me two great sons and a wonderful wife. I said a short prayer for Diane.

"Hi Doug," John said.

"Oh, Hi John, I guess I was lost in my thoughts."

"Thinking about Diane?"

"Yes, and how thankful I am to have her as my wife and to have two great sons. My life has turned 180 degrees around in a wonderful direction."

"You are a great man Doug. I cannot think of another man that would have done what you did for Davey and then, turn around and do what you did for Billy. Very few men would let themselves fall in love and marry a woman in Diane's condition."

"I think that I'm the lucky one because she agreed to marry me. She is a wonderful woman."

We sat in silence for a minuted before John asked, "What do you have planned for tomorrow?"

"Well, first, I have to clear that lane to the cabin; so I think I'll take the boys into Jasper and talk with that tractor guy on your list. It will help me and the boys keep busy while Diane is getting her check-up."

"True, it would be a good distraction, that is, if you keep your mind on the project. I would like to help. Betty went with the girls; so it might be the only time I can help out without Betty giving me her lovely dirty look." We both laughed.

"I would appreciate it and I know the boys would enjoy having you around. Would you like to come into Jasper with us tomorrow?"

"Thanks but I have a few campers checking out in the morning. I will see you when you get back. You could pick me up a few things. I'll make a list and give it to you tomorrow on your way out." John turned to leave.

"Okay, see you on our way out. Thanks for distracting the boys for Diane and me this afternoon." John turned back around, pointed his finger and winked.

As I was finishing my drink, Billy came out rubbing his tired eyes and sat on my lap.

"Hey little man, what are you doing out of bed?"

"I rolled over you weren't in bed next to me, so I came down looking for you." He said in a cute faint little voice.

I hugged him tightly. "You are my son now and I will never leave you until I am an old man."

"Thanks, I love you, Daddy."

"I love you, Son."

I picked him up and carried him back upstairs. I got undressed and climbed into bed with him and Davey.



The next morning, Davey was under the covers tickling my feet and Billy's feet. I grabbed Davey's feet and let Billy tickle them. Billy wiggled his little fingers between Davey's toes. Finally, Davey made his way out from under the covers.

"Good Morning, Son. Having fun?" I teased Davey.

"That was fun, Daddy," Billy said as he threw his arms around me and hugged me.

"No fair, two against one!" Davey giggled

"What do you mean; Billy was the only one tickling you." I teased.

"You held my feet," he giggled and threw a pillow at me.

"Billy, let's show Davey what 'two against one' really is." I grabbed Davey, pulled him onto my lap and pinned his arms about his head.

"Billy, you tickle this armpit and I'll tickle this one and we will show him what two against one really is."

"NO!" Davey yelled and started laughing before Billy and I touched him.

We only tickled him for another few moments.

I rolled him off me, threw on a pair of shorts and went downstairs to make breakfast. I heard Billy laughing so I figured Davey was giving him some big brother loving 'payback.' Billy kept calling for my help.


"I couldn't hear you, Billy, try laughing harder so I can hear you better." Davey laughed and continued to tickle Billy. I knew Davey loved Billy so he would not tickle torture him.

"Okay boys breakfast is on the table. First one at the table gets a free pick on today's grocery list."

The boys came bouncing down the stairs and Davey sat down first.

"No fair, I was tired out from being tickled half to death," Billy tried to pout but started to giggle.

I gave him a hug and whispered in his ear. "Can I tickle you the other halfway to death?" He giggled and sat down at the table.

"As soon as you boys finish your breakfast and get dressed, we will head into Jasper to look at some tractors. I want to clear the lane to the cabin as soon as possible so we can park the camper up there."

"Would you teach me and Billy to drive the tractor, Daddy?" Davey asked.

"Well…that depends on how big of a tractor we buy. I will need both of your help to get that lane cleared. I need someone to wrap the chain around the small trees and the watch them being ripped out of the ground with the roots."

"That will be so cool to watch," Billy said.

"Now, the trees that we want to keep and re-plant, we will dig them out carefully and re-plant around the cabin. I really want to keep as many plants and trees as possible."

"Why Daddy?" Billy asked.

"Well…God gave us the plants and trees up there and all over this planet. He gave you that tree outside your new bedroom that you like so much. He wants us to look after them. Therefore, if we can save any trees and plants along the lane, it is our duty to protect them. The ones we have to tear up, we will save them for firewood in the fireplaces to keep us warm this winter."

"You know God, Daddy?" Billy asked looking at me with those sweet puppy dog eyes.

"Not as well as I would like, Son," I chuckled.

"Daddy, you are so smart," Davey said. I stood up, walked behind Davey and gave him a very warm 'thank you' hug. I then went behind Billy and gave him a warm 'thank you' hug.

"You boys are really the Best Sons a father could ever hope to have. I am so happy that you boys are my sons."

They stood up and we had a group hug.

"Daddy, why are you crying?"

"I love both of you so much and you make me so happy."

"We love you, Daddy," Davey said

"We love you so much, Daddy," Billy said.

It was really a great 'Father and Sons' moment. I will remember this for a very long time. We went over to the couch and I told them how I grew up without a father my whole life. I told the boys how I wished all my life for a son. Now God has given me two very special sons. All my buried feelings came out that morning. I hoped that pouring out my feelings to the boys would bring us closer and it did exactly that.

The boys went upstairs to get dressed for our trip to Jasper while I cleaned up the breakfast dishes.

We climbed into the camper and pulled up to the lodge to get John's shopping list. Billy jumped out to get the list. While Billy was in the lodge, Davey snuck into the back bedroom and took off his shirt and socks to tease me. He did not come out until he knew the camper was moving down the lane. Billy went to find Davey. Both boys came out of the bedroom with just their shorts on. They dared me to try to tickle them while I was driving. I pretended to pull the camper over and they ran into the back bedroom. I did that several time during our 40-minute drive into Jasper. As we entered Jasper, Davey took his little brother into the back to get dressed for going out in public.

The boys ran around and sat in all the small tractors in the lot. I explained to the owner what I was planning and looking for. I decided on a used tractor with a bucket on the front and a backhoe on the rear. He took his time teaching the boys and me how to operate all the controls. There was a practice field at the back of the lot. The boys wanted to try running the tractor by themselves. I told them it was not a giant toy. I wanted them to learn how to use the tractor but as a tool. I told them I would never forgive myself if they were hurt. They hugged me and agreed to sit on my lap in the tractor and listen to all my instructions. The boys had a great time taking turns sitting on my lap, digging up the field, and scooping up dirt. We took many pictures of each other on the tractor. The owner offered to deliver it to the resort. He could have it loaded onto a trailer and follow us out in an hour. I told the owner to take his time and that we would be back in two hours.

I took the boys to the diner for lunch.

After lunch, we went grocery shopping. I steered the boys away from a lot of junk food but did get a few 'treats.'

We stopped at the hardware store to buy tools and supplies for the cabin and the things on John's list. I bought each boy a real leather tool belt. They went around picking up tools they thought they would need to help fix up the cabin. Billy picked up a lot of gardening tools. Davey picked up tools like hammers and tools to fix the inside of the cabin. I bought a battery power multi-tool that had a drill and sander. All of us bought safety gloves and denim coverall. Billy said we looked like a bunch of farmers. We all laughed. I knew we would be back many times so we only bought what we thought would be necessary for the next week or two.

We stopped the camper just past the lane leading up to the cabin to let the owner take the tractor off his trailer. The owner had to drive up to the lodge to turn around to leave. I told the boys to ride up with him to see if John wanted to see our new tractor. I told them to ask John if we could use his lawn tractor and trailer to move the small trees and plants we choose to re-plant. A few minutes later, the boys and John rode down the lane on the lawn tractor.

"Wow, Doug, you really bought a nice tractor," John said.


"We all learned how to use it," Davey said excitedly.

"Daddy wants us to save as many small trees and plants as possible," Billy said.

"Doug, I could use a few plants and trees up at the resort."

"Sure, how about you and Billy walk up the lane to pick out ones you will like. Davey grab the ball of red wool in the camper for Billy. Billy, you tie a piece of wool to the plants the John picks out."

"Okay," Billy grabbed John's hand and dragged him up the lane to the cabin.

Davey and I climbed into the tractor and began clearing the entrance lane to the cabin. We piled the dirt on either side of the entrance. We pulled up trees that we did not want to re-plant but use for firewood. We filled John's little trailer with a dozen red wool tagged trees and shrubs. Billy and John took them up to the resort to transplant. The ones we wanted to transplant around the cabin, we lined up along the lane. The sun was starting to go down by the time we reached the top of the lane near the cabin. John and Billy transplanted about fifty trees around the resort. Davey and I collected about 20 plants that we wanted to replant but that will be tomorrow.

We left the tractor near the cabin and walked down the lane admiring our first day's work. I still need to widen the lane about another six feet into the mountain in order to drive the camper up safely. We drove the camper up to the resort and unloaded all the groceries into our temporary cabin that we have been staying in all along.

I told the boys to take a shower while I made dinner.

"I'm going to be inspecting both of you more closely to make sure you got all of today's dirt off. Whoever does not pass my inspection, the other brother will tickle them as long as that brother wants to tickle them."

"What if we both passed the inspection?" Davey giggled

"Then I guess you boys get to ask me anything you want."

I hugged the boys and they ran into the bathroom. The giggling from the washroom started before I took everything out of the fridge. I decided on salmon steaks, baked potatoes, and carrots. The boys came out in their towels just as I finished taking the salmons out of the oven and putting everything on the table.

"Ready Daddy" The boys came over and raised their arms. I did the inspections, hugged both boys and thanked them for passing the inspection. We all sat down to dinner.

"Daddy, I already know what I want to ask you?" Davey giggled

"What is that son?"

"Can I go skinny dipping in the pool at midnight?"

"Umm, I guess you could but you have to wear our swimsuits there and back."

"Thanks, Daddy!"

"I know what I want to ask you, Daddy," Billy giggled

"What is that son?"

"Can you hold Davey feet while I tickle them?"

"No Fair!" Davey giggled.

"I will be glad to do that for you, Billy. Let's finish dinner now, boys."

Davey crossed his arms and tried to pout but laughed every time Billy wiggled his fingers in the air. We washed the dishes after dinner and then we relaxed on the couch. Billy kept pointing to Davey's feet, nudging me and giggling. I grabbed Davey's ankles and put them on my lap. Billy giggled and tickled Davey's feet. Davey was laughing and rocking back and forth on the couch. Billy only tickled Davey for a couple of minutes. He then went over, gave his big brother a hug, and thanked him for not getting angry with him.

We cuddled on the couch watching TV. The phone rang. Billy answered it.

"Hi Mommy."

"We bought a new tractor and we cleared most of the lane to our cabin. I helped Grandpa John re-plant some trees that we dug up."

"Ya, Daddy's right here," He handed me the phone.

"Hi Beautiful,"

"Hi Handsome, The girls and I are staying overnight. I bought those presents. I needed a 'pick-me-up' after the check-up. They want to try another round of chemo tomorrow because the cancer has spread," she started to cry.

"Do you want me to drive up in the morning?"

"No, I still want to keep this from the boys, at least until after Davey's party next week. I already told Billy we are having a good time. I'll call you tomorrow night if I have to stay the weekend."

"Okay, I love you, Diane."

"I Love you, Doug."

It was hard keeping my emotions from the boys. Luckily, it was 11:45 pm and time for Davey's 'skinny dipping' request. Billy asked Davey if he could skinny dip too. Davey said 'sure' and even said I could. I told them I would keep a lookout in case anyone came by.

It was fun to watch my boys' skinny-dipping. They were such free-spirited and thought it was so natural to swim nude. It is such a shame that we grow up and learn from others the false idea that nudity is not acceptable or that we have to cover up all the time because society does not think we are good looking.

I let them swim for about a half an hour and then told them it was time for bed. They asked if they could just wear their towels back to the cabin. I agreed.

When we came back, I poured them each a glass of milk. I tucked the boys into bed and told them I was going to take a shower. I sat with them until they fell asleep. I looked at my sons sleeping so peacefully. I did not know how I was going to tell them about Diane's condition. I also did not know how I could possibly be strong for them when I was feeling so weak and helpless inside.

I stood up, went downstairs before I started to cry and woke them up. I finally broke down and cried in the shower. I asked God to give me the strength to get through these next few months. I even told God that it was not fair to finally bring a woman into my life and then only have her with me for a few months. Deep in my heart, I knew that I came into Diane's life to give her peace and love before she died and to become a loving father to her son. I knew I was being selfish for wanting her to stay with me. That was my plan, not God's Plan. Knowing it was one thing but it did not ease the pain I was feeling tonight. I spent the next moments crying silently. I pulled myself together and finished washing.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, Davey was sitting on the couch.

"Hey, Buddy, what are you doing out of bed?" I sat beside him and put him on my lap.

"I got up to pee," He looked down at the floor.

"Well, I'm done; you can use the bathroom now," I said

"I already did, while you were in the shower," he said still looking at the floor.

"Oh," It was then that I realized he must have heard me crying in the shower.

"Daddy, why were you crying in the shower?" He wrapped his arms around me.

"Well, Daddies get sad sometimes too." I wanted to avoid telling him about Diane.

"I know, but why were you sad tonight?"

"I was thinking about Diane," I said as I hugged him.

"Oh, so you miss Diane."

"Yes," was all I said. I never will lie to my sons.

"I understand now, I Love You, Daddy," He yawned.

"I Love You, Son. Come on Buddy, it's time for both of us to get some sleep." I picked him up and carried him upstairs.



Editor's Notes:

Wow, let me dry the tears.

This whole story is becoming one GIANT CLIFFHANGER. I love it. I think Diane sees the potential in the cabin and is going to be supportive of Doug's efforts to restore it and improve it. Getting the road done will be wonderful so they can get the RV up there. Now the fun begins; Trying to do serious work with two eager little helpers. Been there done that! Hehehe.

I'm like Doug, I don't want Diane to leave. It is very hard to face the future they have right now. I hope they can work through all of this together. John's being a Minister may be very comforting when the boys are told. I hope Diane got the lawyer to get the adoption of Billy completed so there can be no problems there. The love that is shining through this story really touches my heart.

Great chapter Silas.


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Are Str8mayb and Silas111 trying to set a new record for continuous chapters without a Cliffhanger?

Another warm and fuzzy chapter and I am pulling for Diane to pull through for Billy and Davey's sake.

I am getting very curious as to what they are going to find at the cabin as they begin remodeling it. It will be interesting to see how Diane likes living in an old cabin in the middle of nowhere.

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