The Puget Posse

Chapter 62-Looking Ahead

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CHAPTER 62    

<Tuesday, June 25>

Because of baseball conflicts, the twins had to put off their half-birthday party from the end of June to late in July. “That just makes it a more than half-birthday, since it’s a month late and more than half-way,” Mark said when the final date of the party was settled on during dinner in late June. The big day would be Saturday, July 20.
“Does that mean we can get a month’s worth of extra presents?” Matthew asked.
“You two are so lame,” Michelle muttered.
“It never hurts to ask,” Matthew said.
“Remember, just because we removed you from EBay doesn’t mean we can’t put you back.” Mark told her.
“Or maybe even list you on Craig’s List.”
“Oh yuck,” Megan said. “I’ve heard about stuff that gets put on Craig’s list.”
“How about we just enjoy a nice quiet dinner for once?” Kristy pleaded.
“My stomach wouldn’t know how to digest the food if dinner was quiet,” Mark smirked. “And besides, you always say that when me and Mattie are quiet it means we’re up to no good. We’re just trying to show you that we’re being good and nice.”
“What Markie said, plus the vibrations help the stomach do its thing,” Matthew agreed.
“It’s a scientific fact.” Mark added.
The girls looked at their brothers and rolled their eyes.
“Mom, dad, can’t we just buy them a one-way ticket to, like, Disneyland or someplace?” Michelle begged.
“Disneyland? You want to send us to someplace cool like Disneyland?” Mark asked. “I figured you’d send us to Death Valley or someplace like that.”
“If you got sent to Disneyland then you wouldn’t want to come back,” Michelle explained.
“Makes sense to me,” Matthew said as Mark nodded his head in agreement.
After Scott and Kristy restored a semblance of order to the meal, the subject of the boys’ half-birthday was finally discussed. The date was agreed on and the rules were set.
“No nude swimming,” Kristy insisted.
“No older boys,” Scott added.
“So we can’t invite Misha?” Mark asked.
“Of course you can invite Misha.” Kristy was leery about where this was going, but she took the bait anyway.
“Well, he’s like six weeks older than me and Mattie.”
“Mark, use some common sense for once,” Scott admonished. “You knew exactly what I meant. But since you seem to lack the intelligence to think it through, it means no boys from older grades except the ones on your baseball team.” There were three boys who were young enough to play on the team but would be entering seventh grade.
“Yes, sir,” Mark said. The twins’ father didn’t speak harshly to them often, so when he did, the boys listened, sat up straight, and kept their mouths shut. While Kristy wished Scott would take that tack more often, she also understood that it was effective because he didn’t do it more often.
Matthew finally broke the silence. “Can we invite girls?”
“How do you know girls?” Megan asked.
“Well, we know you two, but we’re not inviting you.” The atmosphere at the dinner table was quickly returning to normal.
“Like we’d want to come. This time we will be at a friend’s house for the day.”
Mark ended up answering Megan’s question. “We know Cindy and Stacey from before we went to the Puget Academy…”
And Matthew finished the answer, “…plus we know Madison and Zoe from the school parties.”
“Yeah, but how can we ask them to our party if we can’t even call them or text them?” Mark asked.
“Let me see if I can help you out there,” Kristy offered. “Sometimes it helps if you have a parent talk to a parent. Just give me their information and we’ll go from there.”
“Really mom? You’ll really help us?” Mark gave her an incredulous smile.
“Why wouldn’t I?”
“Because you’re usually mad at us,” Matthew observed.
“Well, at this moment, I’m not mad, so take advantage of it.”
The girls snickered. They couldn’t help but assume that this was the place where the twins would blow whatever goodwill they had with their mother. But they were wrong as Mark pulled his cellphone out of the pocket of his shorts and gave his mother the information he had. The boys didn’t know how she did it, but two days later they had permission to talk to Madison and Zoe and invite them to the birthday party.
The boys set to work inviting members of the Posse, their best friends from their sports teams, a couple of friends from their old school, and four girls. They kept close track of the long-range weather forecast hoping for warm, sunny weather so they could hold the party outdoors at the pool.
Before the party, however, there would be a couple of surprises.

<Sunday, June 30>


Matthew and Mark were playing catch with Scott, their dad, in the big side yard. The three of them had their mitts and the boys promised to go easy on their dad. When Matthew wanted to practice pitching, Mark would don his catcher’s gear while Scott observed them. Today’s session was more informal, mostly because the league tournament would take place the next weekend. Unless their Thunderbirds finished in the top two in the tournament, their season was over.
After about forty-five minutes of playing catch from various distances and enjoying quality father-son time, they ended the session.
“Can we go swimming, dad?” Mark pleaded. Michelle and Megan had gone to the pool after having a chat with their mother. The twins noticed the strange looks on their sisters’ faces and wondered if the girls were in some kind of trouble.
“Sure, but we need to have a little chat first,” Scott told them.
“We didn’t do it,” Matthew said automatically.
“Thank God for that,” Scott said. His comment went over their heads, but it wouldn’t take long before they figured out what it was their father meant. “Let’s sit on the porch swing.”
The twins looked at each other. Whatever was on his mind, it sounded very serious.
“What’s up, dad?” Matthew asked.
“Well, I have a bit of a surprise to tell you about. Your sisters were told what this is about by your mother.”
Again Mark and Matthew exchanged looks. Whatever their mother had told their sisters seemed to have bothered them in some way. “Megan and Michelle looked like they didn’t like the surprise,” Mark said. The boys were never ones to mince words.
“Oh, I wouldn’t say that. I think they simply looked like they were surprised,” Scott told them.
“So what’s the big surprise?” Matthew asked.
“Well, we have just found out that your mother is pregnant.”
This time their exchanged looks registered a great deal of surprise. Mark stared at his father. “You mean she’s going to have a baby?”
“That is usually what happens when a woman becomes pregnant.”
“Fuckshitski,” Matthew muttered. “You knocked her up?” Scott ignored the expletive that was not an expletive. “It better not be a girl,” he added after a few second thoughts.
“No way,” Mark agreed. “There is no way we need another sister. None.”
It was all Scott could do to not fall out of the swing laughing. He mustered a serious look and said, “No matter what, I’m sure you’ll be good brothers.”
“We’ll be better brothers to a baby brother, though,” Matthew told him.
“When is it coming?” Mark asked.
“The due date is February 26.”
“Well, you’re right. It is a surprise.” Mark looked at Matthew. “Let’s go get our swimsuits on and head for the pool. We need to find out what M&M are thinking.”
“Can we skinny dip?” Matthew asked Scott.
“It’s not Monday,” their father answered.
“That is so lame. I mean it is a special day and we should be able to…”
“Matthew,” Scott uttered quietly.
“I know…it’s not Monday.” Matthew’s face lit up. “But I did have to try.”
“I’ll give you credit for that.”
Mark and Matthew took off to their room and quickly changed into their board shorts.
“Did you get what dad said about ‘thank God we didn’t do it’”? Mark asked Matthew.
Mark pondered the question for a moment and then frowned, “Yeah, I get it.”
“That sounds so gross when you think about it.”
“It sounds gross even when you don’t think about it.”
“You know what sounds even grosser?” Matthew asked.
Mark knew exactly where his brother was coming from. “Yeah, I do. It means mom and dad were doing it which got her preggers.”
Matthew nodded. “Totally gross. That’s what kids are supposed to do, not old people.”
“Especially not moms and dads.”
“Yep, totally gross.”
“Sex is supposed to be stuff like me doing you.”
“Which was not as gross as I thought it was gonna be.”
“Or me doing Madison and you doing Zoe.”
“That is not gross.” Matthew flashed Mark a grin. “Or you doing Michelle.”
“That is so gross there isn’t a word that tells how gross that is.”
“When do I get to do you?” Matthew asked. “You’ve done me three times now.”
“As soon as we’re ready.”
“Well, I’m ready.” Matthew pulled down the front of his board shorts flashing his near four inch boner.
Mark ignored him. Mark knew he was going to eventually have to bottom for his brother, but he liked being the older of the two, which meant his being the top and being the boss. As soon as Matthew topped him, Mark knew they’d be closer to equal.
Mark grabbed a towel from their towel drawer and left the room. Matthew grabbed the next towel and followed him. The two sets of twins spent the next two hours swimming and just hanging around talking about how much their lives were going to change when their new sibling arrived.
The four of them were hanging on the pool wall on the deep end, talking about the upcoming change in their lives.
“I think it is so cool mom’s going to have a baby,” Megan cooed.
“I know she’s going to be so cute,” Michelle swooned.
“I can’t wait until she comes.”
“You two are nutsoid,” Mark said. “He’s gonna be some little thing that cries all the time and wets his diapers the rest of the time.”
“No way I’m changing a diaper,” Matthew stated with conviction.
“I so agree. Plus, I’m not holding him and I’m not feeding him.”
“Yeah, and besides, do you know what mom and dad had to do to get mom pregnant?” Matthew asked.
“Oh, I know,” Michelle cooed yet again. “Isn’t it romantic?”
“It means they still love each other,” Megan swooned.
“You two are getting disgusting with your oohing and aahing,” Mark complained. “It’s like you’re in some disgusting chick flick.”
“What do you know about chick flicks?” Michelle asked.
“I know they make girls all lovey lovey and kissy kissy.”
“Yeah, and what mom and dad did was gross. Parents don’t do stuff like that,” Matthew said.
“Maybe you two need to see a chick flick. What mom and dad did was so…”
“…romantic,” Mark finished.
“Barf to romantic,” Matthew added.
“You two are always talking about sex, and you’re just little kids.”
“We’re eleven-and-a-half, which is not a little kid,” Mark said defensively. “And sex is what boys are supposed to think about. It’s not what moms and dads are supposed to think about.”
“Well, girls think about it too,” Michelle said.
“I know,” Mark smirked.
“And his answer is yes,” Matthew informed her.
Mark glared at his brother, while Michelle gave them a questioning look. Megan’s blushing face was the final clue Michelle needed. She wanted to scream at somebody. Instead, she acted like she didn’t have a clue about what everybody was talking about. But she didn’t fool herself. She knew what she had called in private when Megan got her off. She felt sexual desire for her brother at the same time she felt anger towards her sister for giving away her secret.
 “There’s one thing nobody mentioned,” Megan said, breaking the momentary spell.
“What?” the boys asked in unison.
“What if mom has another set of twins?”


<Monday, July 15>      

Patrick was enjoying a meatloaf dinner with Brian, his father, Grannana, Misha, Uncle Ted, and Rolando, Ted’s boyfriend. The off and on relationship between Ted and Rolando was back on again. Brian’s phone rang; he looked at who was calling, excused himself, and went to the living room.
Everybody else kept chatting and eating, but Patrick was close enough to the living room to pick up snippets of the conversation.
“That’s great news, Ryan…yeah, I understand how those organizations can be…yeah, the decision was made just in time...I’ll tell both of the boys about it now…thanks again for all of your efforts…”
Brian returned to the dining room and sat back down at the table. “That was Misha’s father,” he announced. “And he had good news.”
“Is the good news that me and Misha can play soccer on the same team?” Patrick asked.
“That would be correct,” Brian smiled.
“That is excellent news,” Ted told them. “It makes Grannana’s meatloaf taste even better.”
“Which team can we play for?” Misha asked.
“Any team that is in that league and plays in this county, since you both attend the same school,” Brian replied. “Misha’s dad had to remind the league what the small print in the league’s charter said.”
“Father being a lawyer helps very much,” Misha observed.
“Does this mean the twins could play on the same team with us, too?” Patrick asked.
“Yes, if that’s what you all want. Any player from the Puget Academy can play providing he is the right age,” Brain said.
After dinner and a tasty apple pie dessert, Patrick got on the phone and called Mark’s number. He could hear the cheers when he gave them the news. “Now you all get to play with us on the Lake Monsters,” Mark said.
“Or you can play with us on the Kickers,” Patrick reminded him.
“We’ll talk about it.”
“We have to talk fast since we have to sign up by the first.”
The boys knew nothing was going to be resolved on the phone. They all knew deep down that their parents were going to have a lot of say in the decision. But, it was still fun to talk about it since they had a big stake in the outcome. Mark reminded Patrick of the upcoming birthday party and ended the conversation. Patrick picked up the last part of a conversation after hanging up.
“If the wording is in the league charter, why all the foot dragging?” Uncle Ted asked Brian.
“It came down to the Northwest Soccer Club saying their rules superseded the league’s rules,” Brian explained.
“Did they?”
“Not according to Ryan. He managed to get it all resolved, but he I know at one point he threw out the L-word,”
“L-word?” Patrick asked.
“Lawsuit,” Grannana answered. “I like your father, Misha. The man knows what he wants and goes to get it.”
Patrick looked over at Misha and the two boys grinned. That night, in Patrick’s bed, they did more than grin as they enjoyed an evening of humping, sucking, kissing, and multiple orgasms. For the two friends, life was good.
<Saturday, July 20>
Mark and Matthew were pleased with their half-birthday party. Everyone they had invited had come except for two boys who were away on vacation with their families and one who was at church camp. Will was one of the boys traveling and was the only Posse member who wasn’t there. Misha, Patrick, Ellis, and Neville were there. So were six boys from the twins’ baseball team, two from basketball, as well as their old friends Brock and Peter. 
The presents they had received made them happy as well. They each received a new bicycle because their old ones were, well, old. Not only had the boys been hard on them, but Scott and Kristy could see that they were also starting to outgrow them. While their invitations requested no presents, they received a few gift cards to go along with their stack of birthday cards.
“It is interesting that you are having your eleventh birthday party,” Neville observed. “Yet, you are closer to being twelve than you are to eleven.”
“Nice job with the math, Neville,” Mark told him.
“Yeah, and he didn’t even have to use his toes,” Matthew grinned.
Neville decided not to reply to the twins’ insult. This was why he still had a love-hate relationship with Mark and Matthew. As much as he liked them as friends, they still had a way of getting deeply under his skin.
The food was great as Scott, Kristy, and Cindy’s mother kept the grill going and the treats and side dishes coming. And to top it all off, the weather was perfect—a cloudless day in the lower eighties.
Of course most of the boys ogled the four girls at the party. A few were disappointed that Michelle and Megan weren’t there. As Wade, a boy on the twins’ baseball and soccer teams, told Mark and Matthew, “Your sisters are hot. Seeing them in bikinis would be awesome.”
While Mark and Matthew secretly agreed with Wade’s evaluation, they were not about to admit it publicly. “Yeah, I suppose they are, at least for sisters, anyway.”
Stacey and Cindy knew the twins well and also knew a couple of the other boys. Madison and Zoe only knew the twins, and not all that well. Yes, they’d experimented with kissing at the Valentine’s Day Party, but they had never really hung out. They recognized Misha, Patrick, and Neville from the parties, but knew nobody else. Still, they were outgoing girls, who were good looking, and were soon the object of a number of pubescent boys showing off to grab the girls’ attention.
Mark hung around Madison a lot, and got his arm around her waist in the pool a couple of times. Matthew claimed to have received a quick kiss from Zoe, but Mark was skeptical since he hadn’t seen an opportunity for it.
The girl who grabbed everyone’s attention was Stacey. Stacey was sexually experienced and was an expert at grabbing the attention of young males. She was not shy about showing off her body.
“Anybody want to see my boobs?” she asked a small group of boys at the deep end when she saw that there were no adults outside in the pool area. The group included Mark, Neville, and Patrick from the Posse.
“Oh, hell, ya,” Wade told them. He seemed to be in the middle of everything.
“I have to show them while the grownups are in the house,” she said. She instructed the boys to float around her to help block her from view. By now almost all of the boys had joined the group. “I need somebody to watch the house and yell if somebody opens the door.”
Ellis and Misha volunteered. Ellis had no interest at all in Stacey’s breasts. While Misha was curious he was more concerned with keeping everybody out of trouble. Patrick wanted to join Misha and Ellis, but he was also very curious about Stacey’s boobs and held back.
Stacey braced herself part-way up on the side of the pool and asked Matthew to take off her bikini bra. Matthew was pulling it off before she finished asking for the favor. The eleven-year-old girl was now topless while the vast majority of boys looking at her had generated instant hard-ons.
Since Matthew had taken off Stacey’s bra, he figured he had earned the right to cup the preteen girl’s little buds.  She did nothing to stop him, which got the boys even harder.
Mark was standing toward the shallow end with Madison. He put his right arm around her waist and reached for the girl’s right breast, which barely pushed her bikini bra away from her chest. He started to fondle her; it was apparent she had matured slightly since they made out at the school Valentine’s Day party. He tried pulling her bikini bra down to expose Madison’s breast, but she knocked his arm away.
“I’m not like that,” she stated.
“You wanted to make out with me at the party at school.”
“That was different.”
“How was it different?” he asked as he noticed that Wade was now fondling Stacey in place of Matthew.
“It just is.”
“Can I feel you up without pulling your bra down?”
“Can I kiss you?”
Mark wondered why he’d even invited Madison if she was going to be so hard-to-get. He was angry because Wade and Matthew had been able to feel up Stacey. He thought about abandoning Madison and floating over to the crowd at the deep end when Ellis said, “Door.”
Stacey quickly dropped into the water, making sure her bare chest was below water level. Matthew still had her top and handed it to her as she tried slipping it on while hiding behind the group of boys in the deep end. She decided that next time, she’d expose herself without pulling her bra all the way off. Fortunately, everything worked well as she got herself together without being caught.
Misha waded up behind Patrick, grabbing his friend’s hand and holding it. Patrick looked at him and grinned; their hands were underwater, so nobody should be able to see what they were doing.
“That was different,” Patrick said.
“You have not seen a topless girl before?” Misha asked.
“Not since I was in preschool, maybe.”
“Did you like it?”
Patrick squeezed Misha’s hand. “I like you topless better. Her showing off her boobs would be like me showing everybody my pecker or something.”
“Not exactly. But, it is the same idea.”
Suddenly, Patrick pulled his hand free from Misha’s grasp. “Is it the same idea as this?” he asked as he grabbed Misha’s boy package.
Misha looked at Patrick wide-eyed. Patrick let go of Misha and headed for the side of the pool, laughing crazily. Misha pushed off of the floor of the pool and caught Patrick’s legs as he tried to pull himself out of the pool. The bigger boy started tickling Patrick as he pulled him within reach, causing Patrick to laugh even harder. The two boys were laughing and splashing, which soon got most of the other boys, not to mention all of the girls, except Madison, splashing, dunking, screaming, and playing impromptu games of tag.
The horseplay went on for well over fifteen minutes until one-by-one the participants started to tire out. The pool started to empty right about the time parents started showing up to gather up their offspring. It was like the big game of grab ass had been slated to be the grand finale of the party.
When the twins said good-bye to Wade, they found out something about him that they didn’t like. Wade pointed to Patrick and Misha, who were still in the pool and still a bit giddy. “Did you know those two were queer for each other?”
Mark took a step towards Wade and glared at him. “Shut up. They are our friends.”
“I’m pretty sure I saw them holding hands under the water. That makes them queer for each other.”
Matthew was now right next to Mark. “You don’t talk like that about our friends in our house,” Matthew said.
“Or what?”
“Or we’ll kick your sorry ass.”
“Are you guys homos too?”
Before Mark or Matthew could say anything, Wade’s mother called for him from the drive and he took off for the car shaking his head.
“Asshole,” Mark muttered to no one in particular. “Who cares if they’re holding hands? They’re our best friends.”
Before they knew it, the twins were alone except for Patrick and Misha. It had taken a lot of work, but the twins had talked their parents into letting them have two of their best friends spend the night.
“I grabbed Stacey’s boobs during the big rumble,” Matthew bragged.
“Did she say anything?” Mark asked.
“Of course not. I mean she’s Stacey, after all.”
“Somebody grabbed my dick from behind and wouldn’t let go,” Misha said. “I thought it was one of you two.” He pointed to the twins. “I know it wasn’t Patrick, because I was grabbing his…um…junk.” Misha flashed a pleased look at his use of the vernacular.
“We’re innocent,” the twins said in unison.
Misha said he never turned around, so he had no idea who it might have been. “But, he did more than just grab it like some others. He fondled it a little bit. He was horny and was pushing against me.”
“Yours is so big, I’d fondle it a lot,” Mark giggled.
Kristy told the boys it was time to leave the pool and take a shower and that they should be ready to eat in a half-hour.
“Eat?” Mark laughed. “We’ve been eating all day.”
“It’s still good to have supper,” Kristy said. Being the growing boys they were, nobody put up any kind of an argument.
“Who’s showering with who?” Mark asked as the four boys stripped naked.
“I got Mark,” Patrick said.
“Then I have Misha,” Matthew grinned.
As Patrick and Mark showered and washed each other they talked about the pool party and about the night’s sleeping arrangements.
“I guess you and Misha are gonna want to sleep together,” Mark said.
“Me and Misha sleep together all the time. I want to sleep with you tonight.”
“Can we mess around?”
“Yep. Me and Misha aren’t married.” Patrick went on to explain that he and Misha agreed it was okay for them to mess around with friends as long as they told each other about it. They also agreed they would not go “all the way” with anybody. Misha and Matthew were having the same conversation in the twins’ bedroom.
“Sounds cool to me.”
After showering they donned t-shirts and athletic shorts of varying kinds and then headed downstairs.
“Aren’t you boys overdressed?” Scott asked when he saw them.
“M&M aren’t here, so we can’t make them mad going in just our underwear,” Mark replied. Michelle and Megan were attending a slumber party at a friend’s house.
“Plus, Misha and Patrick can’t go turning them on in their underwear, so we thought we’d be good to you and mom today,” Matthew finished.
“Not that running around in our underpants is bad,” Mark emphasized.
“It’s nice of you boys to think of us,” Kristy told them sincerely.
“Have you boys talked at all about what soccer teams you’re going to play for?” Scott asked. “The deadline to sign up is just over a week away.”
“Less than that,” Kristy said, “since we’re leaving on our trip on Saturday.” The Kirkwoods were taking a two-week trip to Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier National Parks in a rental RV.
“Of course we’re going to all play for the Lake Monsters,” Mark announced.
“Unless we play for the Kickers,” Patrick said.
“I know it won’t be for the Red Devils.” The Red Devils had been Will’s team. He had already told them that they weren’t going to be losing many players so there would only be a few openings.
The talk went back and forth, with Scott asking a lot of questions, especially regarding the competition for spots. The only thing everybody knew for certain was that Patrick and Misha would be turning out for the same team. Patrick had enjoyed playing for the Kickers and was eager to return to them. But, he also wanted to play with the twins, although that was looking less and less likely.
After dinner the boys kicked a soccer ball around with Scott in the side yard and then played various tag and grab ass games after Scott pooped out. When they finally came indoors they headed up to the twins’ room. The shorts quickly came off, but the underpants remained—boxers for Mark and Misha, blue and yellow briefs for Matthew, and white briefs for Patrick.
The twins were tired of being good, so the boys headed downstairs wearing just t-shirts, their underpants, and socks. They joined Scott and Kristy in the home theater to watch a movie.
“We decided to relax and be comfortable,” Mark said in a feeble attempt to explain their state of undress. Neither Scott nor Kristy seemed to care, so he quickly dropped the subject.
Matthew brought up a new subject, however. “Where’s the popcorn?” he asked.
“Good question,” Scott said. He left for the kitchen and quickly took care of the problem.
One subject that came up during the movie was their sixth grade core class assignments. The sixth graders would have four of seven periods in their core class.
“There’s no way the five of us original Posse members will be in the same class,” Mark said.
“It could happen,” Patrick said.
“If nothing else, Mr. J. will make sure me and Mattie are split up.”
“And for sure the seven of us won’t be together.”
“Even if we are not together,” Misha pointed out, “we can still be the Posse. That will never change.”
“I knew there’s a reason I like Misha,” Matthew said. “He always makes things seem okay.”
The boys agreed with Misha. There was no use worrying about class assignments.
“Even if we aren’t together, the Posse would always be ready for the common good,” Patrick gushed.
“Very nice, Patrick.” Scott had been listening quietly to their discussion. “That was almost poetic.”
The boys looked at each other, stood up, put their hands together, and yelled, “Go Puget Posse!” and sat back down again. For now, all was right with the world.
After the movie the boys headed for bed. They quickly got naked and cuddled up with their prearranged partner.
“Our sisters were supposed to give us blow jobs today,” Mark said.
“Plus their surprise,” Matthew added.
“That surprise was just going to be the blow jobs they owed us anyway. If they can’t do it on our birthday day, they might never do it.”
“Doing it with Patrick and Misha is better anyway,” Matthew said. “You know that Michelle wants Mark to do IT,” he added, figuring his heavy emphasis would make what “it” was very apparent.
“She does?” Misha understood the meaning immediately.
“Yeah, but it ain’t gonna happen,” Mark said. “Doing your own sister is stupid.” He looked across the room at Matthew. “But doing your brother is most cool.”
“You’ve done it to each other?” Misha asked.
“Damn, Misha is full of questions tonight,” Mark chuckled.
“Bobcat One has done me, but not the other way around yet,” Matthew told them. “That was YET! Get it bro? Yet means it will happen.”
“I guarantee it.”
“You better or I’ll kick your sorry ass. I ain’t gonna be your bottom forever.”
“Let’s see,” Patrick said. “So far, Bobcat One has done Bobcat Two. The sisters promised to suck both Bobcats. Bobcat One will let Bobcat Two do him, but he won’t do sister one. And me and Misha aren’t going to do IT.”
“YET,” Misha said with a wide grin.
“I bet you two do IT before our sisters ever give me and Bobcat Two blowjobs,” Mark lamented.
The talk died out and making out started between the boys in each bed. The four of them needed to take care of the horniness that had been building all day. There was kissing, petting, feeling up, licking, and finally, having serious tween sex. Matthew learned that Misha was no longer dry and got a taste of the eleven-year-old’s sweet preteen emission. Misha received equal enjoyment from Matthew.
Mark and Patrick dry humped, with Mark in his usual top position to start. The boys eventually finished facing each other. Patrick didn’t bother to wipe Mark’s boy cum off after Bobcat One shot it across the Wombat’s belly. Mark finished Patrick off by masturbating the ten-year-old to a quick dry cum.  
Even though the four boys had sex in the same room, there was also a sense of privacy. The lights were out, and they took care of sex in bed. There would be many opportunities in the future for four-way sex between them. Just like the birthday party had been one of boys being boys (with some cock and ass grabbing thrown in, along with Stacey’s exhibitionism), the sex between the friends, while intense, was nowhere near being on the wild side. That side would wait until puberty took them over.
The twins agreed the next day that the party had been a success. Being able to have Misha and Patrick spend the night was like having extra icing on their birthday cake. Even having their sisters renege on their sexual promises couldn’t dampen their mood. Their blow jobs would have to wait. For now, they wanted to enjoy being “officially” eleven, even though they’d actually been eleven for over six months, and to prepare for their National Parks journey.


The Puget Posse had enjoyed a great first year at the Puget Academy. They would all be returning as sixth graders. Jeremiah, their nemesis, would be gone. Mark, Patrick, Misha, and Matthew would make up eighty percent of the student council. Ellis and Will would be new members of the Posse when school started in September. Even with Jeremiah gone, they knew that Alden would have to be watched closely. They didn’t think of him as a big threat however, especially without Jeremiah propping him up.
Some of the Posse members would be on the same soccer team. Most likely it would be Misha and Patrick playing for the Kickers, with the twins returning to the Lake Monsters, and Will playing for the Red Devils. But what the five boys really wanted was to play on the same team; they just didn’t know how to go about making it happen.
Misha and Patrick had fallen in love. Brian could see it. Misha’s parents could see it. To them it was puppy love—preadolescent boy crushes.  Misha and Patrick could feel it. To them it was being seriously in love.
Neville and Ellis were becoming good friends. They had been two lonely boys who found pleasure in each other’s company and in the friendship between them. They looked at sex differently, but the differences weren’t putting any kind of crimp in their friendship. Ellis loved the sex with Neville, while Neville wasn’t sure what to make of his sexual feelings for another boy, even if that boy had become his best friend.
Will was proud of being part of the Posse, but he had an active life outside of the group. He was outgoing, good-looking, and athletic. Girls who saw him swooned, not to mention a lot of boys. He accepted this without being arrogant about it. Plus, he found himself enjoying relations with older boys like his brother and his friends as well as Paul. If it wasn’t for adults making a big deal about their age difference, Will and Paul both thought they could be close friends, if not boyfriends.
While the twins saw themselves as boyfriends as well as brothers, they also didn’t see that relationship as an end-all. They were smitten by girls and wanted to find out what sex with them was about. It didn’t matter if it was sex play like they had enjoyed with Cindy and Stacey, messing around some with their sisters, or if it was something of a more serious nature, they were curious about the workings of the pubescent female. 
Yet even with those thoughts, they wondered if having a boyfriend other than each other might be an option. They were envious of what they saw happening between Patrick and Misha. They wanted to expand their horizons beyond each other without losing any of their own unique relationship.
The Posse was heading for sixth grade and right into puberty. They had experienced much more sex and erotic love than most boys their age. The question was how they would handle their growing sexual feelings as their bodies were overcome by hormones and they became obsessed with their sexual drive.
The boys of the Posse had made their presence felt at the Puget Academy. Even as fifth graders they were a force to be reckoned with. Fifth grade had been a test for all of the boys. As they headed for sixth grade they saw nothing but smooth sailing over the next year as well as seventh and eighth grades. In their youthful optimism, they failed to remember that life often seems to find a way to mess up the best of thoughts and the best of plans.
Whatever their futures, the boys would never forget their fifth grade year and their experiences as The Puget Posse.



To the readers: I would like to give my thanks to Mike the Hamster for helping to create the characters of the Puget Posse. Thanks to Mike the Donkey for being my able Beta reader. As always, you made the story a little bit better. I would never have posted this without the dedicated editing of Perry. Thank you for all of your help in my last three stories. And a special thanks to my anonymous last minute nitpicker who has done such a great job of cleaning up the mistakes we all missed. Any mistakes still in the story are my responsibility alone.
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