Boise ID Book 1: New Life

Chapter 2: What Now

Author's Note:

This story came to me in my sleep when I was a freshman in high school and from reading other stories on this site. This is a dream about a life I wish I had based on things in my own life that may have taken another turn for the worst or for the best, I will never know. The stories that have some impact on this are Priorities, The Apprentice, Life of Leo, and The new life of Xander King. I hope that you all enjoy it.


Mike and Leo finish their moment, and Leo heads off to Jay's room. He needs to get some help with the emotional Mike and to see what the Alpha can bring to the situation.

"Jay! Mike is awake. He's very emotional right now. Can I get some help in here?" Leo watches his friend get ready for his night run.

"Sure, let me finish up getting ready."

"Okay man. Don't take too long. And man, hide the weed better. I can see it, and you know how Mike feels about that stuff." The concern in Leo's voice is evident. He's always believed in the old wives tale of it being a gateway drug.

Jay sighs heavily. "Fine, I will hide it better for Mike, not because you told me to." He walks over and shoves it under his mattress

Jay finishes getting ready as him, and Leo walks back into the living room. Upon arrival they see Mike sitting there holding his knees up to his chest and staring out into space. The look on his face was one that you only see on people who are broken.

"Mike what are you doing?" Says Jay as he grabs a pillow and hands it to Mike who holds onto the pillow and buries his head into it.

Mike's voice sounds shaky. "I-I needed som-something to hold."

Leo walks over to him and cuddles him making sure to not hurt him anymore as Mike holds Leo close and starts crying into the pillow.

"It'll all be okay Mikey. It will be okay. I'm here for you every step of the way." Leo rubs mikes back reassuring him that he will be there for him no matter what.

"Mike, how are you feeling bro?" Asks Jay with concern in his voice.

"To be honest, I don't really know. I'm not worried about my injuries that much. I'm more worried about how I'm going to tell my parents that I'm gay." Says Mike as tiny tears escape the corners of his eyes.

"I can see that being a prob since you dad married a homophobe and your mom is dating an asshole. But you know that you will always have a home here if you need it, man."

"Thanks, brother, I really appreciate it. You guys are my chosen family."

"We love you, Mike. Always have and always will no matter what happens."

Leo still holding him and Mike did what seemed natural to him and kissed Leo on the lips. To Mike, it was the best feeling in the whole world, like the entire world was on pause, he and Leo were the only ones that were on play. That's when Jay decided to let out a small noise to get us out of our trance and bring us back into reality.

"Leo, is there something you want to share with us?" Jay is looking at us with a smirk on his face.

"Yea, Jay. Mike and I are dating now. Do you have a problem with that?" Leo appears annoyed.

"Not a problem at all, Only now have to protect both of you in junior high. But I'm okay with that. I will do everything in my power to make sure you two are safe."

"If we're together long enough I call dibs on him as best man." Said Mike with a smile on his face.

"Hehe, I'm okay with that as long as I get to choose our first dance." Leo shoots back with a smirk on his.

"Deal!" Mike takes Leo into a light hug remembering his injury after getting distracted by the love he gets from his brother and boyfriend.

Mike starts to look a bit upset when he looks at his phone, remembering that he still needs to call his mom.

"Jay, Leo, I'm gonna need all the support I can get in a few minutes when I call my mom and tell her the truth. I'm so scared to tell her, but I know that she will be okay with it but this is still so scary."

The two friends take Mikes hand and look at him with love and support. "We will be with you every step of the way." Says Leo and ending it with a kiss on mikes forehead.

After a few seconds of silence, Mike dials his mom's number and hits the call button with a shaky thumb. He puts the earpiece to his ear and listens to the phone ring for a few seconds. Then, it stops, and he hears his mom's voice come through the receiver.

"Hey, Mikey. I thought you would never call! Are you ready to come home yet?"

"Not just yet Mom, sorry for not calling I have just been busy hanging out with Jay and Leo."

"That's alright Mikey. Are you boys hungry?"

"Mom. Is that a question you even have to ask three growing boys?"

"I guess not. I will be over with food in about ten. Is that okay with you?"

I look to them and tell them that my mom is on her way with food and will be here in ten minutes. They all nod to confirm that will be okay with all of us.

"That should be fine mom, see you in ten. Love you."

Mike hangs up when he's finished talking to his mom and just looks at his friends with a look of fear.

"Am I doing the right thing by telling her? Should I wait till I'm 18 or should I never tell her? Guys, I need help!"

"Mike, you need to just breath and calm down in a situation like this. Everything will be okay, your mom will still love you, and she's going to finally see that the guy she's with was an asshole." Leo tells his friend in hopes to calm him down.

"Are you sure" Mike asks skeptically.

"Yes, she's still going to love you. But if need be, you can always stay with me." Leo says blushing and nearly whispers the last words.

The boys sit there and talk about things they did over the summer like they were supposed to when they met up at the school before Kyle ruined it all for them, but in doing so, it made their bond even stronger.

When they are all done telling each other about their summers, there is a knock on the door. All the boys just look at the door as Mike goes in to shock but snaps out of it instantly as he takes a deep breath. "Let's do it." Jay stands from the sofa and walks slowly to the door when as Mike is met with a strong feeling of sadness and fear of whats about to come next and just pushes them to the side as Jay opens the door

"Hey, Mom."