Ayden's Eyes Book Four

Chapter 113

Chapter 113

 When my boy woke up he wanted to go play in his room. I didn't think twice about it and walked him back there. He started playing with his fairy dancer statue I could hear him singing along as I rummaged through Evans underwear drawer, he really didn’t have much in that department because he usually doesn’t wear any. I found his backless whities and scrunched them up in my hand then moved back to the porch.

 "Is he okay Den?"

"Yep he's singing along with his fairy, open your hand." I grinned.

I passed the scrunched item to him and he almost fainted, it's been a while since we have used them and I could see his mind churning and his excitement building.

"Later on, Ayden's about bubs." He groaned then place the item in his pocket.

 We had all been taking about Arras’s farewell and yes we will miss them, but I suppose being who they are they do have responsibilities. They didn’t give us a time frame but I guessed about three months that's all he could take; his son is doing a great job of it all apparently.

 The next thing that was discussed was Spuds return to Adelaide. Instead of everyone going we decided Ab's and Hulk would escort him and Rita to the police station, she has his adoption papers at the ready, and as I said before because he's nearly eighteen I doubt whether it will be an issue. They will go for two days then fly back home. Ali, of course, will go with them and make sure his minders do their job. Spud has been encouraged to go to his house and lock it up, that's if the cops are finished with it. I suppose it will be a while before he can sell it and clear it out.

 "Not necessarily so my lord."

"What do you know?"

"Two bodies have been found in a fishing net in the Southern Ocean, the police will be informed.' He looked at his watch.

"Right about, three two one, zero, now." I laughed at his comical ways of doing things.

 "I have it on good authority that Spuds parents have been found and he will be contacted sometime this afternoon. So when he goes over he can start the process." they all looked at me and collectively said.


"Yes." I returned with a smile.

 Ayden was taking a long time to get through that tune so I went to see what he was up to. He was laying on his back staring at the ceiling so I got on the bed with him and did the same.

"Is there anything interesting up there baby?"

"No dah just thinkings that's all."

"Okay no harm in thinking, what about?"

"Just loose endings dah, I seed my king again and he was beautisill."

"Yes I know, do you know when he's coming back son?"

"Very soons dah, bes good to seed him again."

"I suppose so, are you still worried?"

He giggled and replied.

"No dah, all is good Tridents helps me a lot so I don't do much any mores."

"That's good my son I don't want you to worry too much." He sat up and leaned over and kissed me.

"Want burger dah, I can orders two." he showed me two fingers.

"Not today baby, do you want me to return your stones to the safe?"

"No dah they safe with me I puts them in my drawer now."

"Okay." I didn’t like leaving the diamonds out but if he says they are safe, then they are safe.

 He got up and ran towards the kitchen singing out his orders to Rita. I heard her chuckle then I went to our bedroom and waited for Evan. He closed the door and dropped his shorts then put his backless whities on. He then proceeded to give me a lap dance. When Birdy goes into the city I might just get him a new pair or maybe see what’s on offer in sexy men’s underwear.

 Arras and Aisha with tiny Souma were ready to go, their helicopter will pick them up at ten at the oval. Most of the boys were on board and their respective partners. Mel and Trip were walking around with their heads in the clouds because their renovation was done during the night. The Ogre king had done a magnificent job as they passed around photos, the old Victorian house looked brand new and the new open plan rooms looked amazing. Everything had been replaced and two bathrooms have been added, the oddest thing was there was also a fully stocked nursery added too. My butterflies were going ape shit at the thought of another baby coming and Trip was quite animated at the thought; although Mel was uncertain.

 It was something that never happened to her, children that is and she was giving up all hope when the doctor told her she couldn’t have any. Stranger things have happened down here and I took the news as normal but everyone congratulated them just in case that seed had started to grow. The next one will be Katie, I looked at her and smiled, she blushed because I could tell she was more than ready to start a family with Donk.

 "You will call us when you arrive won't you?" Tiny said.

"Of course we will ring Ali and Spudley they can let you all know what's what," Aisha said.

"And Ayden's." My boy said.

"And Birdie too my lovely son," Aisha replied with a smile, little Souma looked so excited to go to the Emirates I suppose her charms will be working overtime with all those cousins she has.

 Breakfast was great, Rita had everything on the table and it still looked empty but the boys ate up, filling their stomachs before they went for a surf. Horse rubbed it into Arras and got a well-deserved punch on the arm from him for being a prick. They all hugged us then Ali drove them up to the oval, we didn't go because farewells are sad and they take ages to get through.

 "Are the boys going to move back into the house Rita?" Donk asked.

"No I don't think so, it means they have to pack up again and I don't think Spud wants too at the moment he's more focussed on other things."

"I see, when are you going?"

"Next week sometime, the police just want a statement from him that's all."

"When are we going into the city Jay?" I asked everyone's eyes were upon me.

"Day after tomorrow Den, are you coming to momma Rita?"

"Yes, my lovely I need to do a shop." She smiled my way.

"So do I." I smiled back then blushed.

"I see." She started clearing away some dishes.

"I want to come too," Tony whined. Then Mel then Cyn then Horse, I lost count who was coming and who wasn't.

I laughed because we would have to hire a small bus for the outing and I know someone will get lost in the crowds.

 "Maybe you all should take your own cars that way if we get separated you won't be stuck for a lift home." Horse quickly added.

"Good idea, we can all meet at a designated spot for lunch then make our own way home," Evan said. I didn't think he wanted to go, he hates the city it's changed so much over the past two years, but I was pleased he will come with us I like driving down the freeway with him, I get all sorts of ideas and my hands get very happy too. He turned his head and smiled then winked at me.

 "Then I will come with you Den and Tony can go with Jay and Hulk." Rita grinned she’s been reading my mind and there goes my fun day out. I really didn’t mind because when she’s buying her foundations I can have a look at some sexy underwear for my man.

 We heard the helicopter circling above and Ayden and we all ran out to the front yard to wave goodbye, then it headed north to the airport. That was the signal for the men to go surfing, the girls followed and I helped clean up their mess.

 "Just put it in the sink Den, I will get to it soon." She said.

"I can do that for you." I turned the tap on and filled the sink with hot soapy water. I looked at the pile of plates which seemed to be getting bigger while Rita and the boys went to get the rest. I'm really not a dishwasher and regretted my offer instantly. But I did offer so I will get my hands wet whether I like it or not. In my brain from nowhere, I heard a loud thud.

 'All done.' And the dishes disappeared they were not only squeaky clean they were all stacked away.

"Thanks, Trident."

"I didn't do it you did. I'm just here for popcorn." I heard his deep laugh.

"Oh." I suppose I willed it to be done, oh dear what's happening now?

 "Where're the dishes Den?" Rita asked as she piled the table up with condiments.

"All done and away my lovely." I smiled as I took another pot of coffee off the stove.


"Done and dusted my love." I walked out to the table and left her with her hands on her hips in a state of confusion.

 "I felt that son." My father was waiting for me.

"Did you?"

"Yes, it's coming back, you are going to be so awesome I can't wait; but not so loud next time" He smiled.

 "It was easy all I had to do was think of it and it got done."

"That's the way to do it, son, now has Rita got my cake ready?"

"I don't know why don't you go and ask her?"

A box of chocolates and flowers appeared in his hands and I wondered if I could do that. Maybe I could conjure some up tonight for my Evan.

 It was a beautiful day, and quiet for a Thursday, I could hear the guys mucking around even though they are two hundred yards down the beach, it's that super hearing I seemed to have acquired. It doesn't bother me its nice to hear their laughter and I must go over to Mel and Trip's to have a look at the house too. I wanted to paint today I need to at least do something; my brain is so full of ideas it's bursting. I started painting another beach scene, my main subject was my boys, each and every one of them had the brightest boardies on as their legs flew into the air as boards slipped from beneath them. I placed Ayden on the shore he was holding Trident and stirring the water up with him. This has caused a big whirlpool where my boys were surfing but it had upset their course and they had flipped off. My son's face was priceless as he grinned at me sideways. I stood back and looked at the drawing then decided I had time so I opened my paint box. Each and every color had changed they were much brighter than before and as I laced my brush over it I tranced once more.

 I was laying on the bed with Trident again he was downloading information at a rapid rate. I saw my folk for the first time when I appeared on Earth, in the fairy lands and I remembered the exhilaration I felt when they welcomed me. The first thing I did was introduce myself to Mother nature after all this was her domain. She made me a sandwich and gave me a glass of water because I had just finished a long journey. Food explained, and it explains why it always appears after I trance because I had been on a journey.

 I don't remember seeing Evan, but I remembered a small boy by my side, he had traveled with me and was now eating a hamburger and drinking a chocolate shake in Mother natures kitchen. I woke suddenly as my hand slipped from Tridents shaft, something had scared me and I felt like I was going to not like the next bit of information.

I looked over to my side table and sure enough the water and sandwich were waiting for me to refresh myself.

 "I stopped it at a specific point sire, you will need strength to get through the next bit, it's not very nice and I apologize in advance but you have to remember it."

"Okay, I'm ready." I resigned myself to 'just do it', and an image of Hulks bandanna with the Nike emblem on it flashed through my mind.

"Not today sire, it's a long agonizing part we need to regroup and recharge."

"Okay, I'm ready for anything, perhaps when we have more time."

He wasn’t there because he didn’t answer me, I drank my drink and ate, and thanked Rita for looking out for me.

 The cavalcade left at eight thirty, it's not a long drive to the city but at this time of day, there was a lot of traffic on the freeway. I had a sort of Christmas list because if I saw something I could scratch it off as I bought items. Our son had gone to sleep in his seat and Rita was also nodding off in the back. By the time we got through the tunnel and turned towards the city parking lot, I felt a little tired myself. But I couldn't doze we were almost at our destination. Ayden and Birdy jumped up and down as we walked into the shopping area, they were so excited to see it all and Birdy couldn't stop looking at the tall buildings, it was a wondrous place for him to be in. My son took it all in his stride, or stroller, there was no way he will be allowed to walk around here on his own. Hulk had given Birdy a piggyback, I suppose he had the same idea and was keeping him from getting lost.

 Our crowd had caught up and we all headed for a popular strip that had heaps of shops and we made plans to meet in the middle in an hour’s time then move to a different location. It wasn’t anything that was said but they all followed us anyway, I guess they all had no idea where to go or what to buy. Every shop was investigated thoroughly and my boys looked at every gizmo and gadget they come across. I noticed in David Jones when Rita was kept busy in the undergarment section they had a big range of Evans clothing. Ayden noticed it first and jumped out of his ride to go hug some blues stuff. He wanted to buy something but his pa said he already had that particular item.

"Oh Ise forgets pa, thank you."

He nodded his head in agreement, and our credit card was safe for now.

 I started off for the lingerie section and saw some very sexy stuff but unfortunately, it was all for the ladies. Rita had almost finished with her purchases and was standing at the counter waiting to be served. Now, everybody knows how hard it is to find a sales assistant in a big store, they all seem to disappear just when you want to pay for something. She tapped her feet and finger for some time then I saw a beautiful sales lady come over, she apologized to Rita then started ringing up her sales. Of course, she was folk, I could see her aura, I think the fairy have followed us into the big city.

 "That will be six hundred dollars my lady, and that includes your discount." She smiled and Rita passed her card over.

She then noticed me and sort of half bowed.

 "The items you require are in the men's underwear department sire, do you want me to assist you?"

"Just point the way my lovely," I replied.

She did and I told the boys I was moving onto the next department, my son wanted to come with me but I really wanted to do this on my own. He was happy to go with his pa to have a look at some surf wear and some posters. I lost Rita she was probably conning someone into carrying her bags.

 I was looking through the pretty mundane six packs when a cute sales assistant stood next to me.

"The items you require sire are in the back." He pointed to a door I hadn't noticed, so I opened it and went through. It was an Aladdin's cave of brightly colored underwear for the slightly kinky customer. I quickly took two g strings then some that were made out of string, Evans lemons will look good in them. I think they would suit my boy beautifully and I thought 'oh why not' so I grabbed a pair for myself. The leather ones were adorned with zippers so a few of them fell into my basket. Then I saw them, string-like gossamer tank tops, I quickly emptied the rack of each color. I also bought a leather harness and a matching head mask, no eyes just the mouth cut out. I got a set of them too. My boner was hard as a rock by the time I finished.

My basket was full of lovely treats for my man, so I went back to the counter and the fairy young man served me.

 "I will have these delivered along with nanny Rita's purchases my sirenessness."

Well, why didn't I think of that, of course, they would deliver.

 "Did you buy some Den?"

"Heaps bubs, you are so going to be busy over the next month or two." I leered at him, he blushed because when I said it Nut's came over to see what we had bought.

"It's in the underwear department Nut's go right through to the big red door at the back." I winked. He rushed off taking Tim's arm as he went by.

 I didn’t think Evan would be up for it but I did manage to get a pair of stretch lace trunks and a suspender belt, and I was getting another boner just thinking about Evan finding his feminine side.

 Everything we purchased was delivered and Birdie had made the biggest one, he had stumbled upon the imported goods section. He had bought himself a big stuffed camel it had to be seven feet tall with all the eastern trimmings hanging off it. The price was ridiculous but the sales assistant said there was a sale on today and it was half price. I didn’t think there was but he did wink at me.

 "Where are you going to put it son?" Jay was asking.

"In my new room daddy Jay, I just want to look at it that's all it's so pretty." Tony was listening so he gathered Hulk and Jay together and told them his plans for his other penthouse. They couldn't believe his generosity and he also said it will happen within the next couple of weeks so Birdy will have plenty of room. I thought Birdy had been ears dropping when Tony was talking about it to Cyn maybe, that’s how he knew the camel would fit into his room.

 It was lunchtime and we found a great Italian restaurant that wasn’t too busy. Ayden wasn’t very interested because it was nothing like his nanny’s. I ordered him some gnocchi, I thought he might like it for a change.

His meal came out and it quickly changed into a burger, I don’t want to know, but he was happy again. I suppose Rita now delivers to the city.

 We had a good laugh at the restaurant as the guys started coming in, we moved tables and chairs to accommodate us all. Kate was showing Rita the small diamond necklace and earrings that Donk had bought her, along with a big gorgeous engagement ring. He said he hadn’t bought her one only the little diamond wedding band she always wore, even in their darkest moments. It was all so sparkly and Ayden wanted to talk to it, I deemed it fairy gold. Nuts and Tim were blushing as they told us they only bought some new underwear and Horse along with a very conservative looking Ra said they had found a new chair for their tiny house. I wondered why Ra couldn’t just conjure it up.

 "There are some things that humans have that are mind blowing Den and this chair is just the ticket for us," Ra whispered in my ear then I received an image. It wasn't a chair it was a sex sling with stirrups. I nearly fainted because I hadn't seen it and wanted one so desperately all of a sudden. I laughed to myself as I imagined Evan in it, he was glaring at me and it wasn't one of his normal ones either it was pure hatred and I felt the pain coming from his body.

"Sorry bubs just thinking out loud." I giggled, he ignored me and pushed his plate forward without even touching the food.

 "What's the matter bubs?"

"Nothing Den, I want to go home."

"Something’s up its not just my wild imagination is it?"

"I don’t know, I'm sorry but I want to go home. I don't know what’s wrong but I need to go surfing."

"Okay baby we go home then; I'll pay the check," I asked our waiter for the check and gave him my card, then I needed to take a piss.

 I was standing in the gents having my welcomed pee when Trident appeared, I guess he’s got shopping to do.

"What’s up with Evan?"

"He's remembered something, something bad but he can’t quite remember what it actually is only that it's bad."

"Can you tell me?"

"No, but take him home as soon as possible, he's too much fairy to be in this filthy place anyway."

"Can you get us home swiftly?"

"Yes, sire when your all back in your cars."

"Thank you." I was grateful for any assistance from my friend.

 I finished up and walked out to the table, Evan was nowhere to be found, eventually, Ayden saw him sitting on a bench in the middle of the mall, he was watching a busker do some sort of musical dance.

I sat with him and asked him if he was okay. He stared at me looking quite confused then said.

"Let's go home Den, I have no idea why I'm feeling this way but I know this city isn't for me."

"Okay bubs I have Trident onto it, he will get us home quickly. Come on let’s go." I wanted to hold him but the mall was too busy and I already had started to get very worried.

 I told the others Evan wasn’t feeling so well and we were heading home, it was funny but they all said they weren’t feeling the best and would follow us. Maybe it was the food maybe it's just the city. I know I felt bad for Evan and I felt like I couldn’t breathe properly too, might be the smog.


True to his word Trident got us home almost instantly, one minute we were starting out the next we were coming into the bay. Evan smiled when he saw the shack and almost planted his foot to get there. He parked in the back yard and we all piled out.

 "I'm not even going to ask Den," Rita said.

"Trident." I replied.

 She giggled because that was the quickest trip she's almost ever had.

 When we got inside Ayden wanted a milkshake then a surf, Evan headed for the bedroom where I heard draws being pulled out then shut and not too gently either.

 "Go with nanny baby I won't be a minute." He stared at me and I got the vibe he didn’t know if anything was wrong or not.

When I opened the bedroom door Evan had just dropped his shorts and was preparing to get into his old boardies, his head instantly turned to me and he screamed.

 "Get out you filthy fucking pig." And he meant every word.

I was stunned into silence and my tears started falling down my face so I turned to leave it to him. I headed for my storage room then sat on the floor and wept. He’s never spoken to me like that before, something’s gone awfully wrong and I can't help him, I heard the back door slam and wondered if it's just fallen off its hinges.

 "He needs his father Den, he needs to surf with him that's the only thing that will calm him down. I will make sure he doesn’t remember anything from the restaurant."

"What did happen at the restaurant?"

"The harness Horse bought, he remembers it from way back but he doesn’t remember why."

"Okay now, can you do me a big favor?"

"Yes sire anything."

"Can you block him from hearing my thoughts?"

"That is very easily done sire, I will return." I felt him leave.

 I slumped and leaned against the wall and thought about it, maybe he has a fear of them and my images bought a small memory back, then I thought about the smaller one I had bought him. I panicked and went to find our shopping. It was piled up on the porch when I got there I rummaged through it all and found the bits I had bought. I quickly shoved them into Horses bags, he and Ra can have them. I also noticed a lot of parcels with Ayden's name on them, he must have shopped like crazy because there were loads of them.

 "Did you do some Christmas shopping son?"

"No dah just for Ayden’s stuff."

"What kind of stuff baby?"

"Just stuff." He grinned.

"Okay, you can show me later on."

The image he sent me was a stack of gorgeous fairy dresses, but I suspected they weren’t the only items he bought, maybe the whole Blues range of clothes too.

 When my boy went to have his surf I gathered up the shopping and dumped our stuff on the bed and Ayden's parcels covered his. I fought the urge to have a look at what he bought but didn’t want to pry, much. I closed his door then went to have a look at our stuff, I couldn’t wait for Evan to try it all on, but I did decide we would start with the gossamer top and string briefs. As I folded it all up again my stomach churned, so I put it all back into the bags and threw them into the bottom of our new wardrobe. I couldn’t place demands on my Evan, not at this very moment he's going through something very serious, so they can stay there for now.

 I lay on the bed with my arms behind my neck and tried to remember when I had first met him, the only thing I did remember was I was first aware of him when I went into the fairy lands, Evan was fairy but he was also something else, something beyond my recollections. I called Trident but he didn't appear and then I got worried again.

 I thought again about Evans need to please me at every turn and decided I would try to release him from his bonds as soon as I could. I didn't have my full powers yet and of course, once again I didn't know how to do it. I didn't paint I was still slightly reeling from Evans words. I also promised myself I would get better and not make demands on him from this day forward. I couldn't get enough of him that was my problem he was gorgeous but deep down I thought is willingness was the result of my breakdown, maybe he's trying to make me happy and I didn't want that I wanted him and his soul, not his gratefulness for being his partner.

 The guys eventually came up and they started talking about how better they felt being back in the bay and they did have a good day but it will be a long time before they go to the city again.

Horse rummaged around and found all his and Ra's shopping then he took it back to his house. We didn’t see them until nightfall, I guess that sling was getting a good workout and I so wanted to watch them.

I received the kiss on my neck and Evan sat next to me his hand slowly making its way to my crotch. I welcomed it and silently thanked Trident for his help. I smiled at him he smiled back, and I felt like a school girl wanting to taste his manly bits, but I put it off, for now, maybe later tonight, maybe never again at all.

 Bags and parcels were rummaged through and the boys sorted out their shopping while their dinners were being cooked. I did notice Donk had some very colorful underwear in his bag, he noticed I was looking and he blushed.

"Good one Donk," I said.

"Your not the only one that found the big door, us men have to have some fun too." He went redder, he doesn't talk about sex much in front of us, I guess it's a straight thing especially because he knows we love Katie to death.