The Ed Waller Stories: Book One - Algeria Here I Come

Chapter Seven: The Ball Buster Day

Brahim and I went to the bedroom and after the showers, I just fell into his arms. "Brahim, I have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring.  I just know that I need to be able to prove that the hijackers have been siphoning off oil from the company at an alarming rate.  I think tonight showed us how they are doing it.  Now I just have to devise a plan to catch them."

Brahim leaned against me, "Be quiet my friend, just go to sleep and things will seem better in the morning.  I'll sing to you if you promise not to sing to me."

I turned to him, "Well how about I hum while I'm playing with your toys?  Would that excite you?"

Brahim whispered, "Ed, we need to save our fun for after you solve the mystery at the oil plant.  Now go to sleep.  We're both probably going to need all of our energy.  I wish we could love each other freely.  There is probably no way we can ever be together once you leave this country, since I can't leave Allie here by himself.  I'm all he has."

"Bra, things will work out.  We just need to believe in our separate Gods and pray to them."

I leaned down and forced my tongue into Brahim's mouth and he didn't resist.  I could feel his weapon starting to enlarge.  I moved away from his mouth and started to worship his muscular body,  I don't think there was an ounce of fat on it.  I hadn't even begun to do what I set out to do when there was this foreign substance all over my hair and face.

Brahim pushed me away, "Now see what you made me do.  You need to take another shower.  You're a mess."

I took another quick shower and crawled into bed.  Brahim had his arm around me and I could hear him quietly snoring.  My mind started to try to sort out what was happening and how I could get this mess solved.  I realized that I had to force the opposition's hand.

I was awakened the next morning by a very uncomfortable feeling.  Something was trying to invade the backside of my body.  I pulled away.  I looked at Brahim and he appeared to be sleeping except for his penis.  I shook him and he finally looked at me, "What's the problem Mr. Waller."

"Brahim, your penis was trying to penetrate me.  I thought we agreed that we weren't going to let that happen.  You have sex with other guys and I can't risk you penetrating me without protection."

Brahim sat up, "Ed, I'm so sorry.  I was dreaming that you and I were on a ship and we were sailing on the ocean.  The movement of the ship was so conducive to making love.  I'll go sleep with Allie if you would like."

"Brahim, it's time to get up and go turn off the recording devices in the other room or the bad guys are going to know that we are playing games with them.  Why don't you get dressed while I go wake Allie and Amir."

"Yeah, you just want to see what they look like with their morning wood showing."

I put on a robe and went into the living room and Amir was sitting there talking on the phone.  He was naked but his penis was not exactly at its most flaccid state.   I heard him say, "Okay Khaly, I'll keep you advised as to what Mr. Waller is planning."

When he looked at me, I couldn't help but laugh, "Khaly is it?  Boy did Allie nail your relationship right on the head.  Do you suppose that you and wonder boy could get ready to join us in the other suite so we can give the bad guys an earful?"

Allie had heard me talking and was sitting up, "So now I'm wonder boy am I?"

I grabbed him, "Wonder boy, we need to go wake up the intruders, you need to throw a fit because you don't like the breakfast that Wahib is  going to bring."

Allie looked at me and smirked, "What are we having for breakfast?"

I hugged Allie, "I have no idea.  I just told Wahib to bring something that  a growing boy like you would like.  I guess it will be some vegetables."

Allie scowled, "Watch it, Dad Ed, when I get even, I get even good.  Let's go play mind games with the bad guys."

Amir was sitting there laughing his butt off at us.  I looked at him "Amir, aren't you coming with us to help disarm the recordings of us sleeping?"

We went into the other suite and Amir pointed to Allie and Allie responded by yelling, "It's time to get up.  The waiter is going to be bringing our breakfast soon.  Mr. Waller, what did you order for this morning?"

I unplugged the device in my bedroom, "Allie, I can't remember what I ordered.  I think it was something with sausage  in it."

Brahim realized what we were doing, "Mr. Waller, I thought you realized that we can't eat pork."

I was ready for him, "The menu said it was made with turkey.  Does that mean you can't even eat anything that looks like pork?"

Brahim called in from the living room, "I'll look at it when it arrives.  Why don't you get dressed?"

The door chime rang, and Allie called out,  "Mr. Waller, the food is here.  Wahib needs you to sign the check."

I walked into the living room, "Good morning Wahib, that smells really good.  I hope it is healthy for a growing boy like Allie."

I signed the check and handed it to Wahib with a $10.00 bill,  "Wahib, please keep your eye on Mr. Allie today.  He should be in and out most  of the day.  I need to go to the refinery and check around again today.  Make sure he doesn't get into any trouble."

Brahim had been repeating what I had said in Arabic so that the bad guys wouldn't suspect that Wahib might be helping us. 

Wahib answered in Arabic and added, "Mr. Waller, I try to watch him.  When will you be leaving?"

"Mr. Safi and I will be leaving shortly after we finish eating breakfast.   I want to see what happens during the day at the refinery.  I'm going to be looking at all the logs in detail to see if I can determine where the problem is.  I'm completely baffled."

Amir had gotten the laptop and was writing.  "Wahib, Inspector Khalid is going to be sending a message for Mr. Waller.  He will have it delivered to you.  Meet me in the other room and I will explain what's happening."

Amir went to the other suite and shut the door.  He had been gone for about five minutes and Allie was chattering about what he was going to do while we  were gone, "Mr. Waller, could you please give me some money so I can get something to eat for lunch.  This stuff is okay but I don't want to have it again.  It doesn't have much taste."

I looked at him and his plate was empty.  "Well, if you don't like it, don't eat it."

Allie responded as any ten year old would by sticking his tongue out at me.

Amir came back and started to type, "I called Kadeen and he will be here in 10 minutes.  Allie, Kadeen said you should bring your swim suit and a change of clothes.  He will bring you back here when he comes on duty at four.  Make sure that Wahib knows you're here.  Meet me in the hallway in five minutes and I'll escort you to the service entrance."

He continued to type, "I'll be waiting in my car to follow you to the refinery.  I have my badge with me.  Don't even acknowledge me, but I am going to be there supposedly performing a safety inspection for the government.  I will just happen to be near where you are in case something strange happens.  I think it is unlikely they would do anything at the refinery, but who knows.  You have them running scared." 

Amir left and I deleted the conversation, "Allie, why don't you tell Wahib that we're finished with breakfast while I brush my teeth.  I really want to get to the refinery."

I went to the bathroom and Allie was gone when I came out.  "Mr. Safi, I'd like to leave now.  I hope that Allie is going to be okay."

Brahim called and asked that the car be brought around to the entrance.  When we got to entrance the car was waiting and I noticed that Amir was crawling into his car behind us.  He looked at us and gave us a thumbs up to let us know that Allie was safe.

When we arrived at the oil refinery, I went right to Mr. Kazan's office, Kareem Abdul was at the reception desk.  "I would like to speak to Mr. Kazan and don't tell me that I have to talk to Stransky first."

Mr. Kareem Abdul didn't even look at me, "Mr. Kazan, Mr. Waller is here to see you."

Mr. Kazan opened his door, "Come in Mr. Waller.  Can I offer you anything to drink?"

"No thank you, Sir.  I just wanted to tell you that I have no idea what is happening around here.  I'm going to go through the refinery one more time and if I can't figure out what is happening I'll contact the Houston office and have them bring someone else in.  I'll check back with you before I leave for lunch.  I'm going to work backward through the facility this time."

Mr. Kazan looked at us, "I hope you can find something.  I think the Amsterdam office is about ready to replace me."

Brahim and I made our way to the distribution area and when I looked at the logs for what had happened the night before.  It showed that only two railroad cars were loaded as well as two tanker trucks.  There was no mention of the ship or the other rail car or two tanker trucks.  We looked around the area and there were two tanker trucks being loaded and one rail car.  There were no ships at the dock.  The activity was definitely much more leisurely than we saw the night before.

Brahim and I made our way back through the refinery process and I pretended as if I was writing notes as fast as I could.  I had all the information that I wanted and needed.  Now I needed to develop a plan. 

I had noticed Amir was nearby at almost every stop.  He was talking to people and asking questions and checking the safety equipment at each station where we supposedly checking the logs.  As we leaving the station where the crude oil was being received,  He accidentally bumped into me and I had a note on my pad.  I sat down and started to write so I could read his note.

Inspector Khalid wants to meet you for lunch at PekingPalace at 1300 hrs.  He has reserved a private room there.  He will notify Mr. Kazan to meet us there.  He said to tell you that Allie is having a great time and that it was a good thing that he was not left at the hotel by himself.  It seems you have had all sorts of visitors to your room.

Brahim had been reading the note with me.  I closed my pad, "Mr.

Safi, I am completely baffled.  Let's go to Mr. Kazan's office.  I need to talk to him."

We went to the Mr. Kazan's office and before I could say anything Abdul Kareem was on the intercom telling Mr. Kazan that I was there to see him.  Mr. Kazan came out of his office.  "Mr. Waller, I was just getting ready to go to lunch, what can I do for you?"

He had blinked his eyes so I knew he was aware that we would be talking soon.  "Mr. Kazan, I think I'm going to go talk to Houston.  Would it be permissible for me to come back tomorrow night and check one last time.  I'm rather tired since I didn't sleep very well last night.  I'm having difficulty getting used to the food here."

Mr. Kazan laughed, "I know what you mean.  It took my family and me a month to adjust to the food and water.  I'll be here tomorrow night if you tell me about the time you would like to go through the facility."

I nodded, "Why don't I plan to meet you here at 7:00?  That way you can eat with your family and we can spend the evening checking on the operation."

Mr. Kazan shook his head, "That sounds fine to me.  Now if you will excuse me, I have a luncheon engagement."

"Great, see you tomorrow sir.  We need to go check on Mr. Safi's brother."

When we got to the car, there was a note on the seat,   I read it and handed it to Brahim, Go to the same garage as yesterday, two men will be there to pick you up and take you to the restaurant.  You will not know the men, but they have been following you all day.

I didn't quite know what to say, "Mr. Safi, let's go check on your brother.  I don't like the idea that he is by himself."

Brahim was playing his role well, "Mr. Waller, Allie is fine.  You worry too much."

When we got to the designated garage, we locked the car and got into the car we had ridden in last night.  There were two different gentlemen in the car.  They dropped us at the Peking Palace.  We were met by one of the servers from Khalid's house last night and taken to a private room where Amir, Mr. Kazan and Inspector Khalid were waiting."

As soon as sat down, we were served wonton soup followed by a chicken, beef and shrimp dish with vegetable spring rolls and crab Rangoon.  As soon as the servers had departed, Inspector Khalid started, "Mr. Waller, what do you suggest that we do.  Amir tells me that you toured the facility again this morning."

"Yes Inspector, I did.  The activity that we observed last night was not reflected in the logs and reports.  There was no mention of the ship being loaded at all.  If at all possible, I would like to move on the refinery this evening."

"I have been thinking about the best way to capture the hijackers so that we can shut down the illegal operation once and for all.  Is there anyway that you could arrange to secure the facility at a certain time tonight so that whoever is involved would be trapped inside?  This would need to be a coordinated effort.  The rail entrance, road entrance and the water entrance would need to be secured at the same time."

"The police could round up the people who are inside the facility and unless I miss my guess, Mr. Stransky will be one of the people who is at the facility."

Inspector Khalid started to laugh, "Mr. Waller, you don't want much do you?  Let me see what I can arrange.  In the meantime, why don't you stop by the hotel so you can check on Allie even though the brat isn't there.  Amir told me what he figured out.  You can make a big fuss about him not being there to throw another smoke screen up in front of the bad guys."

"Call the police and see if they can help you locate him.  While the police are there call Mr. Kazan and tell him that you won't be back today because you're concerned about Allie.  I'll alert Kadeen and Wahib to have Allie go to Amir's suite when Kadeen goes on duty."

"I'll send any messages that I want delivered to you via Wahib.  Now I suggest that we all have a lot of work to do in a short period of time so we need to get busy."

Brahim and I went to the hotel.  We made a big production of the fact that Allie wasn't there.  I called the desk and went to talk to Hussein.  I went to my suite and called Inspector Khalid's office to report that Allie was gone and that no one had seen him.

Inspector Khalid was playing his role to the hilt too.  I'll send two of my finest to see what they can figure out.  They should be there by 4:00 o'clock."

Amir had opened the door between the two suites. He pointed to the computer which I booted up.  "The boss is really scrambling.  You had better be ready for some fireworks tonight.  We are going to meet at his house for dinner again tonight.  I'm going back to the suite.  Allie should be arriving shortly."    

He went back to the other suite and closed the door.  The door chimes rang and I went to see who was there,  Thank goodness it was Wahib with an envelope.  "Mr. Waller, is there anything I can get you.  I'm sorry that I didn't keep my eye on Allie today.  He left and I didn't see him leave."

Wahib was pointing to let us know that Allie was in Amir's room.

Wahib had hardly left when Kadeen and Salah arrived.

They started to talk in Arabic and Brahim was telling me what they said.

They wanted to know what this missing person looked like.  The door opened between the two suites.  Allie and Amir were standing there.

I started to speak, "Tell them that that he is about four feet tall and has the ugliest head of hair that you ever saw.  His hair is long and stringy and looks like he never washes it.  He has this birthmark on his butt that looks like a girl kissed him and left the imprint of her lips there.  He's about the meanest, orneriest kid I ever met."

Kadeen spoke, "It sounds to me as if he is one of those children who have been targeting foreigners and robbing them of their money.  Mr. Waller, we'll see what we can do to find him.  That kind of person moves about like an invisible shadow.  Are you sure that there is nothing missing from you suite?"

Allie was standing there with a funny look on his face.  Kadeen turned to him and gave him a thumbs up so that Allie would realize that he was over-dramatizing.

Kadeen and Salah left and I pulled out the computer and started to write, It's as if the world is on over drive and I can't keep track of what's supposed to happen next.

Allie started to type, Hey, what about me?  I was just accused of being a hood.  I ain't never done anything bad in my life.

Amir started to write, I strongly object.  You accused me of being gay,

Allie was having difficulty trying not to laugh out loud, but he wrote, Well if the shoe fits wear it proudly.

Amir started to write again, We need to be going.  Allie and I will slip out by the service entrance.  Mr. Waller and Brahim you are to meet Kadeen and Salah in the usual garage.  We'll see you at Inspector Khalid's house to see what fireworks are planned.

What fireworks?

Editor's Notes:

Well, I strongly suspect that the fireworks will be spectacular.  I just hope that non of our friends get hurt. We will just have to wait for the next chapter to find out.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher