KeYNamM ~ König ohne Namen ~ German

Background and Synopsis


- König ohne Namen -


Eine Geschichte aus dem Maghrib


Ruwen Rouhs




Background and Synopsis

The title KeYNamM (man without a name) was handed on from generation to generation to the guardian and defender of all beings living along the River Draa in the Maghreb. The River Draa is born in the Mountains of North turns South-West in a wide arc and disappears in the desert.

A long time ago the land along the Draa called the No-man’s-land (Unland). It was the land of free people, of farmers, fishers, craftsmen. Its regime was neither claimed by the Emperor ruling the countries in the West nor by the daughters and son of the desert living in the East. The peace-loving people along the Draa maintained tight ties of friendship to both neighbors and the unwritten law of non-interference was respected by all. The last Emperor, however, decided to subdue the No-man’s-land, breaching the century-old law of non-interference and peace. He demanded submission and annual tributes of the free people living along the Draa. He claimed tribute. This not only included crops and livestock, not only game, fowl and fish, but also innocent boys and girls, young men and virgins. He even demanded his share of beautiful women.

As already said, the people living along the Draa were peace-loving farmers, fishers, and craftsmen. Therefore they did revolt but delivered the extorted goods. However, they declined the offering of their beloved kin.

At that time the 11th KeYNamM was guarding the living beings along the Draa. He abhorred violence like his forerunners and simply tried to shelter the pursued. The vile Governor of the adjacent part of the Empire increased the pressure upon the people of the  No-man’s-land. However not only in the Emperors name but also to increase his wealth and indulge his morbid passions. The 11th KeYNamM As had been his father, the 11th KeYNamM was the natural obstacle to the Governors ambitions and had to be disposed of.

This is the background and there the story sets in in which the 11th KeYNamM ultimately wins back the freedom of his people together with his friends the desert sons and last not least with his adopted sons, the orphans Ikken and Aylal.

The fate of these boys will turn out differently. Ikken, the older one, inherits the ancient cap of King Gaya, the red, royal Tukumbut and will become the leader of the desert people. Aylal, the gentle bird, will grow up and succeed the eleventh KeYNamM and become next guardian of the Draa.

Ruwen Rouhs

Berlin, October 01, 2017