The Ed Waller Stories: Book One - Algeria Here I Come

Chapter Forty-One: It's Off To Work We Go

When the guys were eating their snacks, Brahim and I took our showers.  Brahim looked at me, "Ed, you need some lotion, or you're going to blister big time.  I'm going to go see if Doctor Sorenson has anything that will prevent you from blistering."

Brahim left and came back with some ointment and rubbed it all over me.  Brahim was so tanned that he didn't need much.  I went to check on the seven boys and they were applying ointment to each other.  It's a good thing they weren't any older, or they would have been sexually excited by the activity.  I know I was, when Brahim was rubbing me and I was doing him.

It was a casual night, which was good because it would have been very uncomfortable if we had to wear jackets and ties. 

Everyone retired early because we were too pooped to do much more than crash from the day's activities.

Brahim and I were awakened the next morning by Allie.  "Dad, are you okay?   You're still very red.  I don't think you should be in the sun today."

I sat up and realized that I was a little sore.  "Alexander, I think you're correct.  I'm going to take it easy today.  I think I'll vegetate here on the veranda away from the sun."

While we were eating breakfast, Mrs. Dawkins announced, "I'm going to take the seven youngest men to the theatre to rehearse for tomorrow night's show.  Ed, Brahim is going to be unavailable this afternoon.  You look like a boiled lobster.  I hope you put some sort of ointment on, so you don't blister.  It's going to be very uncomfortable, wearing a tuxedo tonight."

After Mrs. Dawkins had absconded with the seven boys, Brahim took me back to the cabin and applied the ointment to my body again.  In addition, he checked to make sure that my sexual equipment was still working and wasn't sunburned.

It wasn't sunburned, and it was functioning very well, thank you.

We went to the dining room for lunch and had already started eating when Mrs. Dawkins and the seven ten year olds arrived.  Allie was complaining, "But why can't we sing the Oompa Loompa song?"

Mrs. Dawkins was shaking her head no, "It just doesn't fit with the rest of the program."

After lunch, Brahim departed with Mrs. Dawkins, so I went to the suite and was sitting on the veranda where I was out of the sun.  It was almost four o'clock when Allie awakened me, "Dad, are you okay?  Do you want me to rub some of that ointment on you?"

I hugged Allie, "I think I'll be fine.  I think I'm getting old."

Allie started to laugh, "Dad, old you aren't.  Has Brahim been back yet?"

As Allie asked that question, Brahim came and plopped down, "That woman is a slave driver.  There is no way I can do what she wants me to do."

Allie had no sympathy, "Well, join the club.  How do you think I feel?"

It wasn't long before we had a large group on our veranda.  The other six young guys arrived as did Khalid, Amir, Grandpa Darryl and Uncle Tom.  I swear that Michael and David had to be watching our cabin, because they arrived with some snacks and drinks.

Albert reminded us, "We'll be back to get you people properly dressed for formal night.  Mr. Waller, your skin is looking much better."

It wasn't very comfortable when I had been properly dressed for formal night.  In fact, I chose not to even go to the show that night. Instead, Brahim and I went back to the cabin and I shed everything but my briefs, then Brahim rubbed my body with ointment again.

When the seven guys arrived, Allie was gushing, "Dad and Brahim, I think tonight was the best show that the cast has done so far.  Dad are you okay?"

"Allie, I'll be fine tomorrow.  The formal clothes were irritating my sunburn.  Next time we go snorkeling, waterskiing and parasailing, make sure I'm properly prepared."

The next morning I was fine and went to see what was happening and the young guys were sound asleep on the bed and sofa, I thought to myself, 'The parents should be paying us a babysitting fee.'

Brahim was still sleeping, so I went onto the veranda and was leaning on the rail watching the sunrise when I felt someone put their hands around me and Brahim was whispering, "Eddie, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could make love out here?"

I turned to Brahim and asked, "Well, why can't we?"

Brahim was straight and to the point, "Because, we've used all of the condoms we had.  We'll have to refrain until we can buy some more."

Allie appeared on the veranda, "Dad, are you feeling better?"

I hugged Allie, "Allie, I think I'll live."

As we were finishing breakfast, Allie announced, "We'll see everyone at lunch."

Khalid looked at me, "Ed, what are they are up to now?"  Usually Allie announces what they're going to be doing."

I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't think they will be going too far unless they can walk on water.  I assume that someone is still monitoring Allie's movements."

Brahim and I were sitting on the veranda when the phone rang.  I answered and Allie started talking, "Hi, Dad.  May I please speak to Bra?"

I handed the phone to Brahim, "Allie, wants to talk to you."

Brahim groaned, "Okay, I'll be there shortly."

Brahim hung up and started toward the door, "I'll be back shortly."

I wondered, 'Why didn't he tell me where he was going?  Nobody ever tells me anything.'

It was about 11:45 when the guys finally reappeared.  They still didn't say where they had been, and I made up my mind that I wasn't going to ask, either.  Okay, so I'm acting a little childish.

We were eating lunch and Allie was looking around.  He realized that someone was missing, "Mrs. Yates, where is your husband?  I get nervous whenever he's missing."

Yvonne laughed, "Allie, I have no idea.  He got a phone call this morning and said he needed to go talk to the Captain."

Robby added, "We're used to him disappearing like this.  We've learned not to ask, because he never tells us anything."

As we were finishing lunch, Mr. Yates arrived with Captain Brower.  Mr. Yates looked at Allie, "Mr. Safi, I regret to inform you that you are being kicked off the ship at 11:30 tonight."

Allie stood, "You've got to be kidding.  What am I supposed to do, swim to shore?  We aren't scheduled to arrive in Nassau until tomorrow morning."

Everyone was watching the exchange, "Cal was laughing, don't worry, we'll provide the three of you with life jackets."

Allie looked at me, "Dad, what's happening?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "Don't ask me."

Captain Brower was laughing, "That's when we will be at the closest point to the U. S. border until, we get to Fort Lauderdale.  You lucked out, because a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter will be arriving at 11:30 for you, Brahim and Mr. Waller."

Mr. Yates continued, "The helicopter will take you to the Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, where you will transfer to another helicopter for a flight to Washington, D. C.  Albert and David have been advised of your departure and will have your belongings waiting for the helicopter's arrival.  I'll provide you more details this evening at dinner.  There are some details that still need to be worked out."

Allie sighed, "Come on guys, let's go to the pool and get drunk since this will be my last opportunity for eleven years."

Allie turned back, "Mr. Yates, is this happening because you think that people are still after the three of us?"

"Allie, it's happening because you are scheduled to meet with the President of the United States, tomorrow."

Allie's mouth dropped open, "Say what?"

Everyone was chuckling at Allie's reaction.

Allie looked at Captain Brower, "Captain Brower, I regret to inform you that I shall be too inebriated to perform tonight, so I guess you'll have to cancel the show."

Mrs. Dawkins scrunched her face, "Don't worry, Captain Brower,  I'll whip-up one of my magic potions, and he'll be fine."

Allie stood with his hands on his hips, "Not only is she a slave driver, but a witch, too.  Come on guys, let's get out of here before she turns us into mice."

Jacob and Carlos were standing there laughing.  I suddenly realized that I needed to get some cash so we could tip Jacob, Carlos, Michael and David.   Even though the company had a no tipping required policy, these people had provided services well beyond the normal.

On the way to the suite, Brahim and I stopped at Pursor's office and I arranged to get $1000.00 in cash.  The transaction required the approval of the Head Pursor.

When we were in the suite, Brahim looked at me, "Ed, I feel as if my head is spinning.  Things are happening so fast."

I hugged him, "You're not the only one."

It was about three o'clock when Allie entered the suite, "Hi Dad and Bra, I need to do something before dinner."

He sat down at the desk and was writing.  I went to see what he was doing.  He was making a form so that people could give him their address, phone number and e-mail addresses.  He looked up at me, "Since we don't know where we're going to be living, for sure, I figured I could let everyone know how to get in touch with us when we got settled.  I'm going to go see if I can get some copies of this made."

Allie returned approximately forty-five minutes later with a pack of five by eight cards.  He was grinning, "I ran into Alan and asked him where I could get some copies made and he took it to the printer.  I showed one of the guys what I wanted and he sat down at a computer and designed the card and made copies on some fancy machine.  It was really slick."

The other six boys invaded and the snacks and drinks miraculously appeared.  The guys were playing a game in the sitting room.  It was almost five thirty when Allie came onto the veranda where we adults were sitting.  "Dad, it's time for everyone to get ready for dinner.  We need to be there as soon as the dining room opens tonight, since we have the show.  I've already called the other people."

Our party was indeed one of the first to arrive in the dining room, but I noticed that everyone had a champagne flute at their place.  When all of the party was assembled and the orders were taken, Allie stood, "Ladies and gentlemen, we are celebrating a special occasion tonight, because we will not be together on the actual date.  We are going to celebrate the partnership of Dr. Roberts and Uncle Tom.  On Labor Day, as you people in the United States call it, they will have been together for forty years.  So tonight I would like to propse a toast.  Grandpa Darryl, and Uncle Tom, here's to you, and may you enjoy forty more years."

Everyone stood and raised their glasses with either champagne or sparkling grape juice and echoed Allie's, "Here's to you."

Darryl stood, "Allie, Tom and I thank you for your kind words.  I must say that meeting you and your wonderful friends has been an experience of lifetime.  I expect to hear wonderful things in the future about you, Brahim and yes, even Ed.  I would like to say one other thing.  If Tom and I could have had a son, I would have hoped that he would be like you."

Fortunately, the conversation was disrupted by the arrval of the appetizers, because Allie looked as if he might lose it.  While everyone was eating, Allie passed out his cards, "I would like for you to fill these out and give them to Dad.  We'll send you our information when we finally get settled in Houston."

As soon as the guys had finished their entrees, Allie stood, "Come on guys, we need to go entertain the masses."

Allie hugged Jacob and Carlos as he was leaving.  I watched as he also hugged Phillipe.

As I was leaving the dining room, I stopped to talk to Jacob and Carlos, "Are you going to come say goodbye to Allie tonight as he is going to the helicopter?"

Jacob was surprised, "We would very much like that, Mr. Waller."

I nodded, "Allie would like very much if you were to be there."

I made a quick stop in the suite to talk to Michael and David and they had all of our things packed.  I made sure that they were going to be at the helicopter to say goodbye.

When I arrived in the theatre, the rest of the group was already in their seats.  I looked around and the audience was absolutely packed and people were still coming in.

The lights went down and the orchestra started to play an overature to a movie, but I was having a difficult time trying to identify it.  It suddenly it me that it was the music from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The spotlight focused on the left of the stage as the the seven boys started to appear, singing High Ho.  They cleverly worked their ways through the songs from the show with the help of Liv, who was dressed as Snow White, but Allie sang all of the songs that Snow White would have sung  but in the third person.  They ended their portion of the show with Liv looking up and Allie singing Some Day Her Prince Will Come.

As Allie was finishing that song, the spotlight switched to Brahim who started to sing Some Enchanted Evening.  There was no break between the two parts of the shows.  As Brahim was singing his last number the spotlight switched to the side of the stage and the seven ten year olds came out singing the Oompa Loompa Song. 

When they finished, they stood in the middle of the stage.  Kim started, "I'm Kim and I was born in South Korea."

After the other five guys had introduced themselves, Allie stood and saluted, "I'm Allie and I'm from Algeria.  We have one last song for you."

Brahim joined the seven young guys and was standing in the middle with Allie as they sang It's A Small World After all.

The stage went black, and the audience was standing and applauding.  The lights went up and the guys were standing there with the permanent cast.  Allie had a microphone and stepped forward.  "Ladies and gentlemen, we truly do appreciate your applause, but we could not have done these shows without the help the wonderful orchestra, the permanent cast, the techicians in the sound booth, and the support people who came up with the costumes."

"Last, but not least, we would like to thank Wicked Witch Dawkins for making us look good.  Mrs. Dawkins, please stand."

After the applaus died down, Allie continued, "We want to thank everyone on board the Paradise for treating us so well.  This has been an experience that I will never forget.  Brahim and I will be leaving tonight, so this is our last farewell.  Have a safe trip home, everyone.

The guys disappeared and Captain Brower came out, "Ladies and gentlemen, the young men will not be back.  They are truly some very, very talented people.  The Safi/Waller party is scheduled to be picked up at 11:30 by a helicopter on the pad at the front of the ship.  It would be nice if some of you could be on the decks to say farewell to them.  They have made this cruise, one that I shall never forget."

When I arrived at the suite, the young guys were having their decadent desserts for one last time.  Brahim was reclined on the sofa looking oh so fine.  We were shaken out of our thoughts by the obnoxious intercom, "Allie and party, your transportation is about to arrive.  Please proceed to deck three."

Editor's Notes:

That was a very nice chapter. I really enjoyed that one, and once again, no one was shot at or poisoned. Things seem to be looking up.  I certainly hope that everyone can manage to keep in touch.  I was crying as they were getting ready to leave the ship.

I want to see the next chapter very soon, please!

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher