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June 16, 2019: We Have A New Author ~ Black Paper
Posted by The Story Lover

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Dear Readers,

Please join me in welcoming our newest author and poet Black Paper to the site, his poems and story will be appearing here shortly.

Happy reading,


June 16, 2019: Positive thoughts needed for three authors
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

Please keep Adam, Brynmor, and True Fan in your thoughts and send them lots of energy.

Adam and Brynmor have been hospitalized, and they are now recovering.

True Fan had an operation this morning to resolve the clotting problem in one of his legs, he got through the surgery and is recovering. Unfortunately, they had to remove part of his left leg. He is in good spirits, however, please keep sending him positive energy.

If there are any readers and other authors needing positive thoughts and energy please let me know.

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Stay well,


June 14, 2019: True Fan Update
Posted by The Story Lover


True's surgery wasn't successful and they are now reviewing their options. Please send him lots of positive thoughts and energy while he and his doctors' figure out how to proceed.


June 14, 2019: Peek a boo!!
Posted by Garret D. M.

Hello everyone!!!!

It's your long lost brother, nephew, or son back from BCT at Fort Jackson South Carolina now a full fledged Soldier!!! While away I found time to write not only chapter 4 but also 5, 6, and part of chapter 7 as well!! All you have to wait for now is for me to find time to type it out and send it all out to you guys to enjoy more Mike and Leo!!

I love you all so much and I'm so happy that you stuck by me during this journey I took! I have changed not only physically but also emotionally as well so that means much more deeper writing and even deeper poems!! I can't wait for you all to read what I have to share to you all. I hope you all love it!

Well its late... or should I say early for me right now so I should get some sleep now.

"To feel love is to feel pain, its going to be a world of hurt."

June 13, 2019: Positive Thoughts for True Fan
Posted by The Story Lover

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Dear Readers and Authors,

True Fan has been hospitalized for the last week or so, due to heart and blood clot issues. He was scheduled for surgery this morning to try and resolve the clot issue in one of his legs. Please keep him in your thoughts and send positive energy his way.



May 31, 2019: Huge List of Updates
Posted by D Barber

Since TSL is still a little behind while working hard to get caught up due to thunderstorms and allergy issues he asked me to help out some.


Here Are the Updates from May 15-31.

To Start things off there is Ch 4 of Mending Wounded Hearts by Jules Porter,

Ch 12-15 Of Book One of Joel by Ted Louis,

 Ch 9 of Twins by Str8mayb.

Ch 10 of Book 3 of Finding my Way Home by Boudreaux, Ch 12 or Expanding Horizons by Boudreaux, Ch 10 of Fantasy Faire by Boudreaux, Ch 4 of Gifts by Boudreaux, Ch 22 of Flea Market Sausage by Boudreaux,

Ch 3-7 of Nemesis 2 by Thorn Wilde,

Ch 16-18 Of Part one of Pirate Dan by UKWriter,

Ch 8-12 of Other Sinful Things by Ronyx,

Ch 6 of Silverwolf by Wayne Grey, Ch 1-4 of Fleeting Eternity by Wayne Gray,

Ch 2 Of Jason's Coming of Age Story by Art West,

Ch 6 of Book 5 Of Three Finger Cove by Chowhound,

Ch 35-36 of Voyagers by the Voyagers Authors,

Ch 17-21 Of Castaway Hotel by Bill W,

Ch 5-6 of Pablo by Silas111, Ch 13-14 of How The Lottery Gave Me A New Life by Silas111, Ch 6-7 of Meeting Matty Changed Both Our Lives And Many More Lives by Silas111,

Ch 5-6 of A Boy Named Cloud by Cosmo, Ch 2-3 of Codname Ivan by Cosmo,

Ch 11 of The Trial: Book Two by Cynus,

Ch 109-110 of Book 4 of Ayden's Eyes by MaxiePlus, Ch1-2 of Just Joe by Maxieplus,

Ch 1 of unBroken by the unBroken Authors,

Ch 7-8 of The Legacy by UKWriter,

Ch 6 of Eye to Eye by XPud,

Ch 36 of Memories Part 3 by ACFan,

Ch 14-15 of A Love Across Time by Jim Dunaway, Ch 13 of Book 2 of The Long Road Book by Jim Dunaway,

Ch 1 of De Jongen met het Verhaal (Dutch) by Stannie,

Interlude to Dragon Earl Book 2 By The Story Lover, Spacecapes Photos by The Story Lover, Awesome Cat Photos by The Story Lover, The Lost Dragon Down Under Memories by The Story Lover,

Ch 5 of Book 6 of The Centurion Cycle by JMH,

Ch 65 of The Little Pipsqueak by Matthew Templar,

Ch 17-18 of Dante My Inferno by BillyYes,

 Ch 8 of Starting over by Pyro,

Ch 16 of Sun Quest Book 3 by Ruwen Rouhs,

Ch 5 of Heart Strings by Juju,

Ch 14 of Piano Forte by Douglas DD,

A Penny On The Dragon by Jeff P,

Another Voyager by Zarek A. Dragon,

Ch 12-13 of Book 1 of A Long Way From Home by The Phone,

Ch 1-4 of Hubris by Thorn Wilde,

Bashing a Queer by Nigel Gordon,

May 31, 2019: Snowblind, Jared:The Paramedic & The Golden Semicolon Award
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

I am proud to announce that Snowblind and his story Jared: The Paramedic, have been awarded the sixth prestigious Semicolon Award in 2019. The award has been given to this wonderful story for its diverse and creative story-lines, well developed, and three-dimensional characters. This is a story of trials and tribulations, hope, family and brotherhood. Above all this story reminds us to be true to ourselves, and to protect the only planet we live on.

Congratulations Snowblind, you and your story are truly deserving of this award. Thank you again for allowing me the honor of hosting you and your stories.

Folks, if you haven't read Jared: The Paramedic yet, I strongly suggest that you do now, you will find out tomorrow how important this story really is.

Happy reading,



May 28, 2019: 12th Annual - Random Cake Holiday!!!
Posted by JeffsFort

There are some traditions that were started as a laugh that we refuse to let die. This is one started by our favorite role model and yes, The Fort Family celebrates it to this day...

- Jeff -

Originally Posted on the Fort Family Forum: May 28, 2006 (Edited for General Audiences :P~ )

*Random Cake Holiday* Emailed By Comicality!

That's right! I said 'Random Cake Holiday'! Hehehe! Don't ask any questions, don't worry about the rhyme or reason WHY you should do it...just DO IT! We had a conversation in the chat tonight, and this lack of cake is just unforgivable. So today, I want each and every single person reading this, to go out somewhere and find yourself a piece of cake to eat! I don't care HOW you get it, or WHAT kind of cake it is! But there are just way too many people who have gone TOO long without having a piece of cake!

You can laugh all you want! Feel silly doing it! I don't care! Whatever! Just go out, find some cake, and enjoy it for the simple fact that you CAN! And I'm not talking about some moldy old store bought sliver of cake that you can buy for a quarter at the counter of your local gas station! I mean actual *CAKE*! Go to a bakery, go to a neighbor's house, hit up the old lady that does volunteer work at the resource center in your area, bake your own and give half of it away to someone else who doesn't have cake, play your Cake cd on your car radio..whatever...but don't you DARE let the sun set without getting a taste of that sweet sweet cake goodness! C'mon...don't you want some CAKE??? I do!

The only time we get to have cake is at weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, and bachelor parties. And that's just wrong! So if you needed a reason to eat cake, then here it is. It's cake day. GO! Get some! Enjoy it! Do it for the simple fact that you have absolutely NO reason to do it other than I told you so! Hehehe! Savor it!

That's right....I'm going to get mine as soon as I get up tomorrow! Believe me! Mmmm cake...

Spread the word!


May 27, 2019: US Memorial Day
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

I was going to post an announcement regarding Memorial Day in the US, however, ACFan posted an announcement on his site that captured my thoughts exactly so here they are:

Posted by AC

Today, the US is observing Memorial Day. While this is not observed worldwide, I ask all of you to take the time today to thank the people that you know who have served in your nation's military services. Without them, the stories that you read here would not be possible, as the soldiers and sailors of the world sacrifice their time, and sometimes their lives, to give you the rights and freedoms that you enjoy every day.

To all of my brothers and sisters of the world who are now serving, have served, or have given their lives in service to their country, I salute you.


US Navy - 1985-1987

I do want to personally thank all of the Military Personnel for their sacrifices and service, and echo ACFan's words, your service has made this site and its stories possible. Thank You Very Much!


May 27, 2019: Spring Short Story Event ~ A Story Mashup ~ Is Now Live!
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Dear Readers,

We have three fantastic stories from the Spring Short Story Event ~ A Story Mashup; available now for your reading pleasure.

We have The Lost Dragon Down Under Memories, by The Story Lover.

Next, we have A Penny On The Dragon, by Jeff P.

And finally, by Zarek A. Dragon, we have Another Voyager.

Dragon, Dragon, and Dragon; coincidence, maybe, or maybe not?

Happy reading,

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